Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Moment In Style: 1960's Fashion

It is ridiculous how much I adore 1960s fashion; with the era being being famous for big hair, uber defined waists, bless, this style suits me!

Looking back it's amazing how significant the 1960s were in terms of fashion - this was the decade where bikinis first became popular; the mini-skirt was invented (!); psychedelic prints were the norm and Mod culture was born. With style icons like the glamorous Jacqueline Kennedy reigning supreme during the 1960s it is no wonder this decade has been so influential on fashion, and I am sure will be for many years to come.

Do tell me which your favourite fashion moment of the 1960s was; mine definitely has to be the early part of the decade where big skirts with defined waists were all the rage.

 Enjoy this little step back in time!

Dior 1960, by Mark Shaw
Image via Flickr

Mademoiselle, December 1960
Image via Flickr

Ladies Home Journal, 1960
Image via Flickr


Seventeen, 1962
 Image via Flickr

 Mademoiselle, 1961
Image via Flickr 

Dress by Nina Ricci cira 1960
Photography by John French via Flickr

Seventeen, 1967
Image via Flickr