Monday, April 30, 2012

{lovely} gold details

Welcome to a brand new week lovelies! I can't believe that today is the last day of April; how the year is flying by!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will know that I have a thing for lovely gold details, so I thought I'd share today some inspirations for incorporating these accents into your home. 

I also have my eye on a few of these gorgeous pieces, which would make lovely additions to bookshelves or coffee tables... 

Do you have any favourites? 

I hope you're Monday is off to a wonderful start!

Rachel xo

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy {late} weekend + lovely links

Happy weekend friends! It's my Dad's birthday this weekend, so I'm looking forward to celebrating + spending time with my family. Plus, I'm dying to catch up on the latest episode of my guilty pleasure, Revenge - have you been watching the series? I'm completely hooked!

:: Here are my lovely picks this week...

+ Recipe to try: chorizio + tomato salad - looks so good!

+ Sneak peek of Est Issue #5 {out on Monday}

+ Loved this interview with Shannon Fricke, who has just launched her new book, How to Decorate. Can't wait to read this!

+ Annie's post on practicing the art of self discipline left me feeling incredibly inspired.

+ Nicole's book, Paris in Colour, is out and looks incredible.

:: And in case you missed it...

+ Love her style: Rose Byrne

+ Stylishly organised :: the traditional way

+ Purple haze

+ On a personal note

Thank you for stopping by this week and for all of your comments + emails about this post - I'm truly blown away by the kindness and support you have all given me. I can't thank you enough! 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Rachel xo

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love her style :: Rose Byrne

I was a fan of actress Rose Byrne long before she became well-known for her roles in Damages + Bridesmaids. Over the years I have seen her style evolve from a shy, young Australian actress, to a confident and sophisticated Hollywood star. 

Whether glamming it up for the red carpet or dressing down for a more understated look, she always manages to pull off 'effortless chic' extremely well.

Here are a few of my favourite looks...

Are you a fan of Rose Byrne's style?

Rachel xo

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stylishly organised :: the traditional way

In my last organising post I talked about a few favourite ways I like to keep organised digitally, so today I thought I would share a few stylish ways I like to keep my workspace organised, the more traditional way. 

{one} lovely pencil cup holders :: I currently store my pens + pencils in a pretty Donna Hay mug, but I do love this brass pencil cup holder - such a chic way to store your pencils!

{two} lists :: I'm always writing lists - shopping lists, to-do lists, wish lists - you get the idea; and I just love writing lists on pretty stationery!

{three} filofax :: how many diaries is too many? I'm the wrong person to ask. In addition to using my iPad calendar, I also keep a filofax diary which I maintain + tend to write lists in when I'm out and about. 

{four} pretty inspiration folders :: I keep any tear-outs from magazines that I want to save in these lovely Kikki.K manilla folders. The version I actually have are not available anymore, but they came in a gorgeous set of 5 with each one labelled for a different use + there was one dedicated to inspiration! 

{five} storage boxes :: I have several of these that I use around my workspace area to store all sorts of things like stationery, wrapping materials + ribbons. They are a great way to get rid of clutter and look stylish all stacked up.

{six} desk calendar :: I keep a mini calendar on my inspiration board above my desk that I find really handy when I'm planning so I can quickly glance up and have a clear view of the month.

How do you keep your workspace stylishly organised?

Happy ANZAC Day to all of my Aussie + NZ friends!

Rachel xo

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purple haze + thank you

Firstly, I just want to say thank you so very much for your beautiful comments + words about my post yesterday. I feel so ridiculously lucky + blessed to have such supportive friends in the blogging community and just knowing this has inspired me to keep going and 'blog on'. It was definitely hard to put myself out there like that, but I feel relieved that I can now start sharing a bit more about my life on the blog.

On a far more fun topic, I've been loving the vibrant + rich hues of purple lately. It seems the cooler it gets here, the more I seem drawn to brighter colours. 

I'm also obsessed with how cleverly Olivia has mixed prints here, with the over-sized animal print belt paired with this gorgeous printed dress.

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

Rachel xo

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Monday, April 23, 2012

On a personal note...

I have deliberated over whether I should even write this post, or more to the point, how I should write this post, but the main reason I've decided to end up posting it is because I really want to keep it real on this blog and that is something I haven't been doing lately, so here goes...

4 months ago my life turned upside down. My husband and I decided that we were not able to continue in our marriage and by all accounts, it was over. The sheer sadness + utter devastation of losing my partner and my best friend was also met with a fear of being on my own at 31 and having to start over again. To say the last few months have been rough would be an understatement: it hands down has been the hardest thing that I have had to face. But that's exactly what I've had to do, face my fears and keep moving forward. 

I wanted to share this because not only is my life undergoing a massive change right now, but also because I wanted to share my story, a story that hasn't ended in happily ever after. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball when we are least expecting it. This is a story about real love, loss and having to deal with the truth about your life being taken off course. I certainly never set out to get divorced but, the reality is that its going to happen and it has taken a lot of courage to face that fact. I continuously have to remind myself of Joseph Campbell's quote, that "we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us". 

Its only now, months later, that I can start to look on the bright side and think about all the possible opportunities that lay ahead, and for the first time in a long time, I'm excited. I have this amazing opportunity to rediscover myself, redefine my path and create a new life.

What does the future hold for me? I'm not entirely sure yet; it has been a loooong time since I have been single, so this whole new life is going to take a bit of getting used to but, I plan to have a lot of fun, embrace every opportunity, and do things differently

Just a note on the blog as well; I have been I debating whether I should continue this little blog given all the changes that have gone on; something doesn't feel quite right and I'm still not entirely sure what the answer is here. You see, I started this blog just after I was married to document my inspirations for decorating our home together, which it has definitely evolved from, but now that my marriage has ended I question whether a new chapter and a new blog are required. You may have noticed (as I have noticed myself) that what I have been posting lately has changed and I guess this is a reflection of the way my life is evolving and the changes currently in motion. 

Thank you for reading,

Rachel xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Workspace

I've long been a fan of Emily Henderson's style so when I discovered her newly designed workspace I fell instantly in love. 

I admire that Emily was so brave about the choice of wall colour - reading about the process she was not surprisingly apprehensive at first, but it has turned out fantastically well, don't you think?

Emily has such an amazing knack for finding flea market gems and vintage pieces that add so much character to a space; I'm particularly drawn to the desk lamp and the gorgeous green chair she unearthed. So many gems, particularly the "hand seat" make this space so interesting.

What are you loving about this space?

See more pics + read about the process over on Emily's blog.

Happy hump day friends!

Rachel xo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Lovely Things {Latte Lisa}

Hello lovelies! Today I'm delighted to introduce you to the lovely Lisa, from Latte Lisa, who is sharing her 5 Lovely Things with us. Lisa's blog is one of my daily reads; her beautiful photography and adventures in Antwerp always leave me longing for a European escape + her Friday Fashion posts are always such a fabulous round up of stylish inspiration!


{one} Coffee. Because of the name of my blog, the coffee thing shouldn't come as a surprise. For me coffee is so much more than just coffee. Coffee is that moment I share with my husband in the morning before waking up the kids. Either we enjoy wonderful conversations or we stay silent with a book or a magazine or reading something online. Coffee is that moment with friends at caf├ęs or that take-away cup which I dip my home-made biscotti into when walking the streets of Antwerp. Coffee is that moment where I enjoy a quality time with myself, with my laptop and notebooks, putting down ideas and searching for anything design or fashion related to put on my blog. By the way, I love that print.

{two} Kitchen & Kitchenware. I'm a food lover, I especially enjoy baking and I simply adore everything kitchen related: beautifully designed kitchens, fresh flowers in kitchens, Le Creuset cookware in various colours, glassware on display, food styling photos, you name it. These are the things that make my knees go weak. I like creating my own recipes with healthier ingredients, preferably organic, and I've already shared a few on my food blog kitchen & aroma, which I'm building slowly.

{three} Spring blossoms. I rediscovered spring after moving to Antwerp. The blossoms of the cherry trees and magnolias simply touched something at the core of my being and transformed me. This may sound a bit strange but here is the thing: I was born and raised in Iceland and the autumn was always my season. We don't really have spring in Iceland, at least not the kind of spring we have on the European Continent. Now I'm hooked. Come spring and you'll find me in the Nightingale Park in Antwerp photographing the beautiful blossoms, like this magnolia.

{four} Books & Films. I cannot really separate these two. Mostly novels and films are there as pure entertainment but sometimes they can be an escape when life has knocked too hard on the door. Sometimes it's just the masterful play with words in a book or the creativity behind a film that draws me to it. As much as I enjoy reading books and watching films, I also love reading about authors and actors/directors and how they approach their work (I love the Inside the Actors Studio series). On my coffee table I like having books on interior design and fashion and a few cookbooks as well. I enjoy going to the local library and I can spend hours in a bookshop. I'm currently reading Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice again so I snapped a photo of it to go with this post. 

{five} Sushi. I started eating sushi late in life and now I'm simply making up for it. That moment with my favourite sushi pieces on a plate in front of me, chopsticks in hand and a glass of white wine, is simply a moment of pure bliss. I'm a peaceful person but I mean it, the person who tries to get in the way of me and my sushi is in serious physical danger!  


Thank you Lisa! Hop on over to Lisa's blog to see more of her exquisite photography + style inspiration!

Rachel xo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Get the look :: Wide Leg Pants

Welcome to a brand new week loves! A casual look I've been loving lately is patterned wide-leg pants paired with a simple denim jacket + white t-shirt. After recently discovering Australian brand Maurie + Eve and these fabulous Bowie pants, I was hooked. 

The outfit can be easily amped up for a more glamorous look by swapping the t-shirt out, layering accessories + pairing with a fabulous pair of heels.

Hope you're week is off to a wonderful start!

Rachel xo

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy weekend + lovely links

Happy weekend friends! Now that the weather is starting to get a lot cooler here, I'm starting to think about my wardrobe for the season ahead and taking serious visual cues from Katie Ermillo's Fall 2012 collection + I can never resist a chic all-black ensemble.

:: Here are lovely picks this week...

+ I love Jacquelyn's DIY nightstand idea.

+ Another fun DIY project: scarf print shorts.

+ Design*Sponge gave a sneak peek into Refinery29's fab NY offices.

+ {Selfish for 27 days}, where the lovely Rach from Space in Between is a guest contributor, sounds intriguing + I'm seriously considering signing up...

+ Scarlett Johannson talks to US Vogue accompanied by an exquisite editorial with Mark Ruffalo, shot by Mario Testino.

:: And in case you missed it...

+ A modern day Audrey Hepburn.

+ On my wish list.

+ Krystal's glamorous + eclectic apartment tour.

I also visited Peep My Style, sharing my favourite chair + A Dose of Pretty, sharing my top 5 favourite accessories for the home!

Thank you all so much for visiting this week; I hope you have the loveliest weekend ahead!

Rachel xo

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small space style :: Glamorous + Eclectic

One of my daily fashion reads is This Time Tomorrow, so when I spied Krystal's house tour over at Apartment Therapy I was giddy with excitement about having a peek inside her bachelorette pad. Krystal's apartment is a true reflection of her fabulous, yet quirky + glamorous sense of style and despite it being small {its a mere 37 square metres!} I'm thoroughly impressed by what a beautiful space she has created. 

I love all of the close up shots to capture the decorative touches of her home: the dome jars are a great way to accessorise, as are pretty books on display.  

I'm always fascinated how people style their bookshelves and love the touch of adding wardrobe items like the glitter shoes + handbag into the mix.

Looking at Krystal's closet, I have serious closet envy, but I do love how she has utilised the small space to store her clothes and accessories so artistically. I also love the idea of storing shoes on a bookshelf - would definitely make it easy to find them!

Are you crushing over Krystal's home as much as I am?

See the full house tour here.

Rachel xo

All images via Apartment Therapy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On my wish list...

Hi lovelies! In light of mixing things up on Wednesday's I thought I'd share with you today a few things I've been seriously crushing on lately + high on my wish list. 

Happy hump day!

Rachel xo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Modern Audrey Hepburn + two guest posts!

Welcome to a brand new week lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful Easter; I'm feeling refreshed after a blissful four day weekend. 

I watched one of my favourite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, over the weekend (for the 50th time!) and so today I'm feeling all inspired by Miss Hepburn and her classic + timeless sense of style. 

It got me thinking what a modern-day Audrey Hepburn would wear, and if I had to guess, it would be something like this....

I'm also guest posting over at 2 fabulous blogs today: first, head over to Claudia's blog, whose incredible home has just been featured in the latest issue of Adore Magazine. Hop on over to take a peek at my favourite chair!

Next, I'm over at Sarah's blog, where I'm sharing my 5 must-have decorating accessories for the home. Head on over to A Dose of Pretty to take a look!

Thank goodness its a short week; I hope its off to a fabulous start,

Rachel xo

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Currently Coveting {coral + stripes} + a guest post!

I’ve been seeing A LOT of coral + stripes lately and with the resurgence of glorious warmer weather here (in Autumn!) I plan to break out my summer wardrobe + start experimenting with this mix over the weekend, using these looks as my style inspiration.

Do you have any fun plans for Easter friends? I'm going to do a whole lot of taking it easy: catching up with friends, perhaps a movie (I'm dying to see the Hunger Games) and whipping up a few recipes I've been meaning to try!

Today I'm also guest posting over at Chevron + Stripes sharing my It List, so head on over and take a peek!

Have a wonderful Easter and I'll see you back here next week,

Rachel xo

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My top 4 apps + tools for keeping organised

I've decided to start mixing things up on Wednesday's around here, perhaps a wish list post here and an organising post there, and of course I will continue to post fabulous workspaces…But today, I want to let you know about a few of my favourite apps + tools that I used on a daily basis to stay on top of my seemingly never-ending to-do list.

Because I have been so busy with work juggling multiple things lately, its been more important than ever to keep myself super organised - a task that has been made so much easier with apps + tools. I've narrowed it down to my top 4 here, so here we go!

:: Evernote ::

Evernote is a web-based tool (there is also an iphone/ipad app) where you can create digital notes - an audio note, written note or a picture note. You can categorise all of your notes into separate note books to keep track of everything. For example, I have a Notebook for the blog, and can store multiple different notes within this notebook all relating to the blog. I have separate note books for things like Decor, Fitness + Finances.
The apps sync with the web based tool, which means that you can access your notes from anywhere. I use this a lot during my day job, taking notes in meetings on my iPad (yep, I'm a nerd) and then reading them/following up on them using the web based tool.
My favourite thing about Evernote is that you can not only tag notes to categorise them, you can also search within the app so if you are looking for something but don't know where you saved it, you can easily find it.
You can also encrypt your 'notes', so you can store sensitive information like passwords.

:: Google Reader ::
I use Google Reader on a daily basis - it is where I store all of my favourite blogs + websites by subscribing to their RSS feed so I can read them all in one browser. Reader makes it easy to organise digital subscriptions by being able to set up folders to categorise your different feeds, for example, I have a feed specifically set up for digital, business and marketing, and also have blogs I follow categorised by fashion, interiors and food etc. You can easily flick through posts from your favourite sites and then click on the link to see the post on the full site. There is no limit to the number of sites you can follow, but the more you follow, the more unread items you will see, which makes it hard to stay on top of! There is also a great app for the iPad called "Reeder" which is essentially the same thing but made specifically for the iPad.

:: Instapaper ::
Instapaper is a super simple tool which conveniently stores the web pages you want to read later enabling you to access them in one spot, from either your mobile, iPad or on the web. I use it for mainly when I'm browsing through my Reeder on my iPad and find an article I want to read later - I simply click on the "read it later" link and this will be stored in a reading list for when I login to Instapaper. What's great is that you can also create folders to store different types of content, so you can keep all of your readings neatly organised under categories!

:: TeuxDeux ::
Also a web based tool with a pretty funky iPhone app, Teux Deux allows me to quickly add my to-do tasks and then easily cross them off when they are complete. Its a no-fuss tool with no bells or whistles, but that's one of the main reason's I love it: because it's simple. Its super easy to add tasks in and then move them around to other days if I need to; plus I love the feeling of 'crossing things off my list' when they are done. Nothing like a feeling of accomplishment!

Do you have a favourite app or tool that helps keep you organised?

Rachel xo

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 Lovely Things {Pretty Fluffy}

Hi lovelies! Today, sharing her 5 Lovely Things is Serena, from one of my favourite blogs, Pretty FluffySerena and I instantly bonded over our love of our 4-legged friends, and I always love visiting her blog as I know I'm guaranteed to leave with a big smile on my face, given she writes about my 2 of my favourite topics: pretty things + adorable dogs!


{one} Sparkle. You have to have something in your life that makes you sparkle - your Joi de vivre. For me, it’s pretty things, fluffy dogs and writing – the 3 things I combined when I created Pretty Fluffy. Without the sparkle, I get worn out, so I try to bring a bit of it into my life on a daily basis. I also don’t mind the odd bit of sparkle in my wardrobe as well!

{two} Sweet Treats. Whether it’s home made cupcakes, decadent desserts or those ridiculously oversized hot fudge brownie sundaes in Gold Class cinemas, as soon as I see a sweet treat I’m smitten. This could explain why I can barely cook a hot meal to save my life, yet I somehow know the Magnolia Bakery Red Velvet Cupcake recipe by heart.

{three} My Dog. My Border Collie, Soda, has been by my side for nearly 11 years now. She’s seen me through my entire adult life - relationships, careers, highs and lows – and still manages to make me smile every day. She’s my inspiration and my best friend rolled into one.

{four} Stella McCartney. For me Stella represents the best in cruelty free beauty and fashion. I love that so many brands like her have embraced animal friendly design and style. I wear the Stella Nude Fragrance nearly every day.

{five} My Cheersquad. For so many years of my life I was fiercely independent. But in the last 5 years or so, I’ve really learned to embrace the beautiful people in my life. My husband is my rock – he believes in me more than I sometimes believe in myself. My friends (in real life and online) inspire me on a daily basis. I love how each and every one of them is so unique and enjoy watching them live their lives to the fullest. You can do it on your own, but having people that love you by your side makes things so much sweeter.

Thank you so much for having me today, Rachel xx


Thank you Serena! How adorable is her pup Soda? Make sure you hop on over to Serena's blog to discover more pretty fluffy goodness!

Rachel xo