Saturday, August 17, 2013

An update + a fond farewell

In case you have found your way here, I wanted to let you know that I'm set up with my new digs and am back blogging again!

I had a slight change in direction which you can read more about here - I'd love you to stop by and check out my new site, One Beautiful Life.

This will be my final post on this blog, but I'd still love you to take a look around at the archives here as there is a tonne of inspiration.

Here are some favourites:
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Otherwise, see you over at One Beautiful Life!

Much love,
Rachel xo

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An update + introducing Eat Fit Live!

Hi lovelies! It has been a while, hasn't it? I have missed the blogging world immensely  but I am now more than ever sure that I made the right decision on where I am headed and I'm so excited for what is to come. 

Thank you so much for all of your beautiful words of encouragement, it truly means the world to me.

I have been super busy with my studies, which I have been loving every minute of, and of course getting the branding and new blog design sorted. 

My new blog is still in development (there is loads of planning going on right now!), but I am very thrilled to introduce you to Eat Fit Live

The mission is really simple: to inspire you to lead your happiest + healthiest life ever: a life of embracing your passions, empowering your spirit and feeding your soul with the fuel that lights you up from the inside.

I have a Facebook page set up which is where I am posting until the blog launches and I would love you to stop by and visit.

Find me on Facebook here + you can sign up for updates here to be first to know when the blog launches!

Love + happiness,
Rachel xo

Monday, March 4, 2013

A confident change in direction

Many of you know that the last year or so has been one of huge change for me, one which has also seen my self confidence quietly diminish as I questioned over and over again what exactly I am meant to be doing, whether or not I should keep this blog and whether I even have anything meaningful to contribute to the blogopshere. It would be a hard decision to end the blog as I love being able connect with all of you and I also love having a little corner of the internet where I get to create everyday.

Yet for a while now something has been bothering me; I haven't felt that this little space is a true reflection of me anymore, or rather, who I am today. While I will always appreciate the lovely, I guess I have changed so much from when I first started this blog and now I can't get over the feeling that I want more. I want more satisfaction from being able to help people and I want more satisfaction from knowing that my blog is a reflection of my true self, which I am afraid it is not.  

I started this blog from a very different place to where I am now, a whole lifetime ago. I was newly married and in need of inspiration for setting up our first home together. But since then, things have changed dramatically - I am on a different journey, and now it is time for a new direction.

Fashion and style will always be my first love, and while it may be considered superfluous, I love it not because of the trends, or the latest from the runway, I love it because as women, we have the ability to define our own style. And with the style we create comes confidence, a confidence which allows us to shine and be the very best version of ourselves.

My other love that has been left off this blog is my overwhelming passion for health and fitness. Yes I have touched on it, but I have never really felt this was the right space to fully explore the topic and how big a part of my daily life it actually is. This passion has in fact prompted me to begin the next part of my journey where I have just enrolled to become a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I have had so much angst over these two conflicting passions of mine and trying to figure out how they could fit together harmoniously. But only recently has it all started making sense: the common thread between the two is confidence and self love. When we commit to loving ourselves and are healthy, exercising and feeling our best, our self-confidence soars. By the same token, when we define our own style and our exterior matches what our heart is telling us on the inside, we develop the confidence to truly be comfortable with who we are.

So, I will be launching a new blog where I will be making it my mission to inspire women everywhere to create a life that is led by self love: one that is underpinned by living a healthy lifestyle and defining your own style; a life where you are overflowing with confidence, feeling good on the inside and not just looking good on the outside.

What does this all mean I hear you say? Well I'm in the process of setting up my new digs. I'm going all fancy with a grown up .com domain and will be making the move over to Wordpress. This is going to take a little while as I'm working with an amazingly talented lady to get it all designed and looking pretty. The next few months will be crazy as I dive head first into my course and really immerse myself into my new world, so I have decided to take a hiatus from blogging until the dust has settled and I have my new digs set up.

Thank you for bearing with me here and the long essay, but I wanted to give you an honest update on where my head and heart are at and what has been keeping me pre-occupied over the last few months. 

In the meantime, I will still be on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram and I will definitely pop back in here to let you know where my new place is at! {you will also notice that I have updated my profile handles to my full name}.

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who has been reading this little blog - whether you are new here or have been a long-time reader - I truly am grateful that you have taken the time out of your day to stop by and I hope you are excited to continue the journey with me.

Much love,
Rachel xx

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Wear {denim}

Chambray shirt // Jeans // Ballet flats // Bag // Glasses // Chanel nail colour, Pirate // Christian Dior lip colour, Nude rouge

I am loving this super chic and simple denim ensemble for the weekend. These nude ballet flats are a wardrobe staple given how incredibly versatile they are, and I do love how the red nails add the perfect touch of glam!

Enjoy your weekend!

Rachel xo

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