Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{Colour Me Purple}

The previous tenants in our old apartment gamely painted one of the walls in the living area a bright shade of magenta. At first I thought it looked odd, but it grew on me and I made it work with our furniture. I ended up putting a white Ikea Expedit bookcase in front of it which created a striking effect.

A purple feature creates drama and can be very stylish - it certainly adds a lot of interest!

Have you ever considered adding a purple feature to your interiors?

Image sources:
Hopscotch & Grace
Corrie Bond 
Manolo home 
BKK Home


  1. omg. love these images. so rich and luscious yet still feminine.

  2. I love purple! I'd love to have a purple wall someday.

  3. I really like the purple!! I think that this is one of the most beautiful dress that I ever seen!I think that the photos are so good!