Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Laundry Love

Now it may seem like a strange to have a post called laundry love, but I am one of those insanely strange people who loves her laundry! Am I alone?

After the past year living in an apartment with no laundry I am eagerly anticipating our new apartment with a lovely large laundry where I will be able to soak and wash until my heart is content (joking).

....But I do think you will agree these laundries are fabulous!

{my favourite}

Happy hump day loves!

All images via: Secrets of Domestic Bliss


  1. You ladies need to stop posting these adorable laundry rooms!!!! Mine is in the disgusting garage and it makes me sad everytime! ;)

  2. I do not enjoy laundry at all but would definitely reconsider if I had to do it in one of these spaces. Your favorite is mine too :)

  3. i am a laundry girl... i love the process, the smell, the feel... and yes, i love these laundry rooms - i think they should be clean and very cheerful..xx

  4. Washing, folding & ironing would be *so* much more pleasant in any of these bright airy rooms.
    I'm lucky that my husband likes to do the laundry... but I would certainly do more of it myself if I had a room like these!

  5. There are pretty + chic! Laundry rooms are certainly comforting...I love ironing + freshly cleaned clothes...I dream of a pretty laundry room that is large and lovely. I adore the second one you show. So bright and cheery!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week so far -- thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments :)


  6. I am totaly a laundry girl. I had to tote all my junk to the laundromat for too many years. Those laundry spaces are fabulous, I just bought my first home and our laundry space needs some sprucing up might be using some of these images as inspriation.