Sunday, May 16, 2010

To paint or not to paint?

Hello lovely friends!

Well its Sunday night and we have not come even close to having our apartment packed, oops! On a brighter note we have been more productive in planning for what we will be our first project in our new apartment: painting.

For our bedroom I have been inspired by dark grey walls, off-set by a white semi-gloss trim around the window frames, the door and then plain white on the ceiling.

My first inspiration was Cassandra over at Coco & Kelly and her amazing bedroom transformation -

And then I saw this stunning room and was hooked - 

As much as I adore these rooms, I am super nervous about taking a big leap with such a dramatic look; and for me being a painting 'virgin' and all, I have always lived in rental places with white walls. Boring, I know!

So I am putting it out there - have you ever painted a room in dark colours? Were you happy with the result? And more importantly would you do it again?

Love to hear your thoughts!

Image credits:
Hopscotch & Grace


  1. GO FOR IT! It will look lovely and if somehow you manage to hate it, it's only paint.

    I'm obsessed with having grey walls somewhere (but I'm moving across an ocean in less than 6 months, so I can't do any updates right now).

    Here's another great grey bedroom:

  2. That room does look great, especially against the polished floorboards. Thanks Sarah!

  3. I read your post this morning and then stumbled upon this room at Canadian House&Home - thought you might like:

    Grey is perfect for the bedroom :)

  4. Oh lovely! I that chandalier is fabulous! I am becoming increasingly convinced... Thank you for all of this inspiration xx

  5. Rachel you must, must, must go for it! I know it will look fantastic. Grey is such a sophisticated colour palette and you can easily add or remove colour accents as you go. Just dash in some bright bed linen, a vase and some fresh blooms and hey presto - an uplifting, colourful scheme that can be changed in an instant if you feel like a change! Can't wait to see the results.

    P.S. I am moving apartments soon too and dreading having to pack up...!

  6. Thanks Will, you are filling me with great ideas! I'm off to buy the paint this week :)

  7. I felt exactly like you do now when we bought our new house. I compromised and went with a very light gray in our bedroom. And even that was a tough decision for me to make! But I love it now. :)

  8. The good thing about paint is that its easily fixed! xx

  9. I say go for it! Honestly, our library is a cozy grey and not another room is more comforting :)