Thursday, June 17, 2010

A City Apartment with a Dash of Country

Inner city living and apartments go hand in hand, so learning how to create inspiring interiors when space is a challenge is a must if you want to enjoy the fabulous life of the city.

When I spied this apartment over at Classy & Glamorous I was instantly smitten by how beautifully it had been put together; but couldn't help but notice the apartment had a distinct country flavour, despite it's inner city trappings...

The clever use of white throughout the apartment creates a fabulous illusion of space. The fact that the apartment is filled with light is an added bonus!

I am in heaven with the 'country feel' of the apartment; the floral touches, white wooden furniture and lovely textures all give the sense that you could be in a country home, but no, this is city-living!

How quaint this this kitchen? Smally but extremely functional with loads of storage. I love the white oven with the country-style timer; such small details add to the overall country-inspired feel of the apartment.

How is your week my dears? I am so thankful that the weekend is only one more day away!

All images via Classy & Glamorous


  1. It is truly all in the small details... what a fresh, clean and clear look. A gorgeous place to wake up to... and that little porch? So sweet.

    My week was lovely, thank you! I hope yours was the same. Thank you for your sweet comments this week :)


  2. It really doesn't look like an apartment in a city. It's beautiful. I love the fireplace in the first photograph!

  3. It does look very cosy and inviting. I was trying to figure it out. Is that a fireplace in the bedroom? Too cool!!

  4. I love that balcony - so delightful! Have a gorgeous weekend! x

  5. Hi Rachel, what a gorgeous apartment. Love the way the balcony has been decorated - so inviting!

  6. Hey !!!
    I don´t know your blog, but i follow you now =)
    Lovely, really, you show us amazing ideas, thanks =)

    Kiss from Spain =)

  7. Very cute and girly - makes me want to overhaul my own space!


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