Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello 2011

Happy New Year lovelies! I do have to admit that I am having a pretty hard time getting back into my daily blogging routine after all of this time off; anyone else feeling that way?

I did have a lovely and relaxing holiday though filled with all of my favourite things;
* Baking – I baked this, this & this – yum!

* Reading – I read this from cover to cover (loved it and highly recommend); now reading this.

* Watching movies – we saw a stack of movies including The Tourist (not so great), Black Swan (amazing, definitely see it!).

*  Getting organised – I splashed out on 2 lovely diaries from Kikki-K – one for everyday to carry in my bag and the other to keep on my desk for keeping track of goals and blogging schedules (yes, I am going to be super organised this year!).

* Taking Charlie on long walks.

* Catching up on some much needed quality time with family & friends.

The break also gave me the opportunity to take some time to reflect on what I want to achieve in 2011. I don't have a long list of goals, but there are a few important things I want to achieve like;

Taking a creative writing course. I want to practice writing more and get my creative juices flowing; taking a course should kick start things along nicely.

Run the City to Surf. I have always wanted to run this but have never committed to actually doing it, but this year I'm definitely going in it!

Less procrastinating and more action! This is a big one for me as I tend to procrastinate a lot and as a result end up wasting time, which is terrible.

Stop sweating the small stuff. I am very guilty of this and tend to spend a lot of time worrying about stuff that is really pointless, resulting in wasted time, energy and unnecessary stress. Yes, definitely needs to go this year!

Did you create any goals for 2011? Would love you to share them!

Images: Donna Hay via Dustjacket Attic


  1. Happy new year. Beautiful images to add to an optimistic and lovely post. Best wishes for resolving those resolutions!! x

  2. Happy New year gorgeous! You kept yourself busy I see. I cant wait to watch The Black Swan, I kind of liked The Tourist, maybe its my love for him? :)

  3. Happy New Year and love the resolutions, I can definitely agree with the less procrastinating.
    Shall go and check out the boks you read, I've nearly finished Of Bees and Mist by Eric Setiawan, and it's just lovely.

  4. Happy New Year! Like Helena I can't wait to see Black Swan and I liked The Tourist (I fell big time for Venice!).

  5. Welcome back! Those images are lovely! Black Swan is definitely on my list of need-to-see movies haha
    Best wishes for the new year and all it's resolutions :)

  6. I love those photos- so pretty. I need to see Black Swan and as for the resolutions, I have a long long to do list that I'm slowly trying to check off- my biggest actual resolution is to be braver...blogging is definitely helping in that regard. I've never been much of a risk taker so want to try and to go out on a limb a bit more- that tree picture is perfect for me! xo

  7. I will definitely check out those books you read. I need a good book.

  8. @ Will & Helena - definitely agree the scenery and eye candy were fab in The Tourist, I thought the storyline fell down a bit though!

    @ Christine - I love the challenge you set for yourself, I am sure you will be amazing!

  9. So glad to have found your blog! One of my goals for 2011 is to get back into my blogging routine as well!! Very inspirational post!

  10. Your goals are so inspiring!

    Happy weekend, Rachel!

  11. Just found you and wanted to say hello.
    Love the post...I think we are going to see Black Swan this very weekend and I can't wait. Will have to check out the books you mentioned!

    ps I am your newest follower.