Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Weekend, Lovely Links & a Guest Post

Hello lovelies! After such a long week I am more than ready for the weekend! An exciting weekend beckons with our first open house tomorrow; then we will visiting our friends who have just had a beautiful baby. And as an added bonus, I hear the sun will be shining which is a lovely change after the rain, so Charlie will be able to have a good run around in the park!

Here are the lovelies that caught my eye this week...

* Inspiration: get out of your own way & live your best life
* Loving these gorgeous illustrations by Inslee Haynes
* This Berry Crumble looks mouth-wateringly good
* The loveliest {and hippest} British wedding
* Swooning over the stylish home of Minnie Mortimer spied over at Table Tonic

I am also guest posting today for Melissa over at Strong Sense of Style about my dream holiday destination, so I'd love it if you would head over and find out where I would go to escape the freezing cold winter!

Have a wonderful weekend friends,

Rachel xo

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  1. Happy weekend, Rachel! Off to check out your links and guest post. And I just love these pix. Those nails are fab! :) xoxo

  2. Oh my, freezing cold sounds like a little slice of heaven right about now! I love the bright colored pictures, they always make me smile! And even though I am anti-heat right now, I'm still curious about your vacation spot (c: Heading over...

  3. I LOVE those vases! I need to find/buy/have/or DIY them right now!


  4. H Rachel! These colours are killing's pure gorgeousness...
    Have a wonderful week-end
    Claudia xo

  5. I love your links, that British wedding is amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. that is one colourful post ... love the images. Enjoy your weekend and please send some sun to Antwerp; the clouds have had their share!

  7. What a lovely collage...

    thanks for the nice links.

    Love those vase... so pretty.

    and I'm totally lovin' the second image ♥

  8. Good luck with the open house! Thanks for the lovely links x

  9. Ah, those details in the top right photo...Loved your guest post. Santorini is a heavenly vacation destination. :)

  10. Those vases are amazing...can you imagine one of those babies on an all white piece of furniture??? Awesome sauce. And that berry crumble is making me head to the store. Like now (c: Happy Monday, girl!

  11. These images are instant happiness, love how bright they are! Your guest post looked great, I've never been to Greece but the blue and white look very attractive. The illustrations are so cute! Thanks for all these links, off to check out the rest. Hope you had a great weekend.

  12. Beautiful images and love the brightly colored vases. Heading to check your guest post ~