Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Workspace {small space style}

Hello lovelies! Wow, I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already! So glad to be back though; our new home is starting to take shape nicely. No longer being surrounded by boxes is a nice feeling and it also feels good to have my clothes all organised where I can see them!

We had a few dramas in the move - the main one being that our couch didn't fit through the door. So, sadly we had to say goodbye to our old couch, but on the plus side, we did buy a new one which is going to look amazing when it arrives in 4 weeks - eek!

But today, I wanted to share Lonny's associate market editor, Ellie Somerville, new workspace with you.

Ellie had only a small space to work with, but has definitely proved that you don't need a large area to create a truly elegant and stylish space - don't you agree? 

I'll be back tomorrow with the {slightly late} October style post! 

Rachel xo

Image credit: Lonny Blog 


  1. inspring! I had to give up my office when our son arrived and now I really need to get a new workspace up and running. It is hard not having a proper place to work. but from a room to a tiny space is hard. this is really inspiring!

  2. What a stunning little office!!!! Thank you so much for the idea. I'm very tempted to create something similar now.
    It actually made me smile when you mentioned the couch... Annoying, isn't it? We had some bits of furniture to giveaway as we moved simply because it wouldn't fit through the door or much further afterwards. Mr often says that should we ever sell our house, some of the furniture will have to remain where it is now as it was such a struggle to move it around in a first place.

  3. Oh I've had that problem with furniture before too. Isn't it annoying?! Oh well, a lovely new couch will make it all ok for sure :) That is a great little office space.

    Abbey x

  4. Glad your move went well!! Those things are always so stressful. This little office space is lovely! I really like the layered bookshelf, must try it! xo

  5. Oh glad your move went well! Moving is just the worst and I so dread it but am often happy with the results. And I'm just loving these spaces :) xoxo

  6. Sorry to hear your new couch wouldn't fit - I always get nervous of that happening when I move. However, sure the new one will be great! Pleased you are settling in well to the new place! xx

  7. Love it when people make the best of the space they've got. This looks beautiful.

    Sorry about the old sofa but I think it's also fabulous that you are getting a new one ;-)

  8. It's always the small spaces that require the most creativity. And this one looks amazing! It's nice to hear how your new home is taking shape. :)