Saturday, November 26, 2011

{happy weekend & lovely links}

Happy weekend friends! It hasn't stopped raining here all week but luckily it looks like the sun will be shining for the weekend! 

I will be tackling a few projects around the home like re-arranging our home office (still very much a work in progress!) and starting a gallery wall in the living room. 
I also plan to check out the Black Friday sales; Net a Porter in the U.S went live tonight, as did Zara**. 

Do you have any exciting plans?

Here were the lovelies that caught my eye this week...

* Beautiful discovery: illustrations by Kerrie Hess
who also has a blog

* 23 famous siblings photographed by Max Vadukul for W Magazine

* The Design Files interview Donna Hay

* A lovely collaboration between Zara & The Selby

* Recipe to try: Clementine Macarons

* The irresistible allure of French glamour

Thank you so much for visiting this week and your lovely comments;
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Rachel xo

**Hint to my Australian readers: register for a HopShopGo account and receive a US postal address - you can then buy from sites that only ship to US and get some amazing shopping bargains!

Image credit: Left My Hear in Paris


  1. Actually since Thanksgiving in canada was waaaay last month I was hoping to start putting up my Christmas decorations... I'm craving a white tree! And assembling the bar cart I bought last weekend. And stocking it. And emptying it... ;-)

    I hope you post photos of your gallery wall when it's finished! Happy weekend!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend and please send some sun over here when it starts shining on your end ;-)

  3. Ohh I am looking forward to sitting sown with a cuppa and reading the Donna Hay interview. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Amy x

  4. Thank you for these links Rachel, you always manage to find amazing things! Not sure if I'll indulde in Thanksgiving online sales as I'll wait for Christmas...Have a great w-e!

  5. Great tip for Zara, not that I need any online shopping encouragement!

  6. Good luck with your home projects, dear! I love all the links you shared- great finds!!



  7. Just found your lovely blog and great weekend post!
    I agree with the French Glamour article these women have been throwing an "outfit" together since birth....the baby stores are extremely glam also.
    I had my best friend visit me last week and as we had our early morning walk she was blown away.. as I am every day about how "fabulous" the young girls look on their way to school in the morning! (no ugly Aussie school uniforms for these French chicks) Style just seems to come naturally to them.
    Hope the rain stopped and you managed to get a few projects finished
    Carla x

  8. Sounds like a great weekend Rachel! It is cOmpletely pouring here too! I love the hopshopgo too! It's the ticket to being able to get just about anything!

    Abbey x

  9. Oh nooooooooo... Sales?! Now I'm at risk... Hope you'll find something lovely, though. The picture you used today is so beautiful! Her skirt is amazing....

    Have a wonderful weekend, darling!

  10. I hope you're having a sunny and wonderful weekend, Rachel! xo

  11. Oh the weather 's wild here too, off to read the French glamour piece, thanks!

  12. Yum, those macaroons sound so delish. Definitely had a relaxing weekend, plus time off for nice. Hope you did as well!!!