Saturday, February 18, 2012

{happy weekend & lovely links}

Happy weekend lovelies! The forecast here is rain but I'm hopeful we'll see a glimpse of sun. I'm heading off up north to visit my friend's daughter's christening + then I have a full day of work on Sunday. But I'm going to give myself some time off + squeeze in time to catch up on your blogs + visit my growing pile of unread glossies!

Here are my lovely picks this week...

* Love these 30 simple ways to help yourself out.

* Garance Dore's new collaboration with Kate Spade.

* An incredibly romantic and beautiful Valentine's elopement.

* The rather lovely portfolio of stylist Leesa O'Reilly.

* A chic Parisian apartment.

Do you have anything exciting on lovelies? I hope it's wonderful, whatever you have planned!

Rachel xo

Image credit: Glitter Guide


  1. I have lots of glossies to read too! Hope you have a great weekend. Love the top in the above image :)

    Laura xo

  2. I love all your links! Those 30 ways to help yourself out are wonderful. I think I'm going to bookmark that one! :)

  3. I think I'll check out the chic Parisian appartment! Enjoy your weekend.
    I love Friday evening - the whole weekend ahead!

  4. Happy weekend, Rachel! I saw Leesa O'Reilly's portfolio as well and really loved it. xo

  5. Loved the O'Reilly link, thanks for sharing.
    Garance Doré is such an inspiration.

    Maybe we'll drive to France tomorrow, depends on hubby's health who has a sore throat and no voice. Enjoy your weekend Rachel, hope you get some sun ;-)

  6. I loved the 30 ways to help yourself link. A lovely read to start the weekend. Thanks, R. xx

  7. great links! enjoy your weekend!

  8. The Kate Spade link seems to be incorrect. Love all the rest though. Have a great weekend!

  9. Ahh Garance Doré's collaboration with Kade Spade looks just fabulous :) And the work from Leesa O'Reilly looks gorgeous, thanks for the links. Have a beautiful christening, keep your promise to relax;) And good luck with your work!

  10. Oh Rachel, you always choose the best links! I think I loved the 30 things the best - sometimes its nice to be reminded of good common sense ways to help yourself. If you want any advice on the London thing just DM me!!! Very happy for you to pick my brain! xxx

  11. Lovely links Rachel! Loving the 30 things :) hope you had a great weekend!

    Abbey x

  12. Thanks for sharing the 30 simple things article! Isn't it funny how we can forget to do such simple things for ourselves sometimes? I have a bag filled with clothes sitting in my closet from a trip 3 weeks ago so 'unpack immediately' is certainly ringing true to me right now.

    Have a fantastic weekend Rachel! xx

  13. Like I would die to live in that Paris apartment! Hope you are having a good one Rachel! xo

  14. I'm LOVING mint right now. SOOOOOOO much. This girl wears it well!