Monday, June 18, 2012

Thoughts for a new week :: failure is an opportunity

Welcome to a new week lovelies! I'm a bit behind the times, but over the weekend I read J.K Rowling's Harvard Commencement Address to the class of 2008, where she spoke about the importance of failure and how it helped her have the courage and determination to not only try again, but to succeed.

Feeling completely inspired by her ability to turn failure into a good thing I had to share this with you today. Read the full address here.

Hope you're week is off to a wonderful start!

Rachel xo

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  1. Great Monday morning inspiration!

  2. I so believe this is true. Thank you for sharing this; I have never heard/read the speech either! Definitely going to check it out. Wishing you a wonderful new week dear!

  3. This is so inspiring! Exactly what I needed for the new week :)
    Have a lovely day Rachel!


  4. Most perfect quote ever! Thanks for the reminder!
    Hope you have a great, great week my friend!
    xxoo, ashley {a {little} dash of ash}

  5. This is so true! I always feel challenged when people doubt my ability to succeed, it gives you some extra strength (proving them wrong..) xD
    My Own Project

  6. Besides, failure means that you tried! Thanks, checking that speech!

  7. Gorgeous images & a lovely quote. Have a wonderful week, Rachel! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  8. How wonderful and inspiring! If anyone's succeeded she certainly has.
    Just goes to show if you keep fighting you could be just about anything!

  9. Ah Rachel this is a perfect way for me to start the week. I was really struggling and feeling frustrated today. Tomorrow is a new day though...ready to take it on!

  10. Such a true and meaningful quote Rachel we are always learning evolving and moving forward Love it have a great week
    Carla x

  11. Wise words. And your mood board is beautiful, Rachel! xo