Monday, July 30, 2012

Thoughts for a new week :: a word on gratitude

Hi lovelies! Seems I fell into the busy trap last week and missed Friday’s post! I’m back now and wanted to share with you the things I learnt from putting last week’s goal into action. For anyone who missed last week’s post, you can read it here.

+ Keeping positive thoughts in your head all the time is hard.  It’s very easy to let it slip but once you get into the groove and steer your thoughts in the right direction it became easier and was kinda fun.

+ All of the positivity going around had a calming effect on me. I was less worried about what might happen/if it is going to happen and started going with the flow a lot more.

+  In one of my favourite blogs, a life of perfect days, Connie recommends keeping a gratitude journal as a way to record and remind yourself all of all the things you are grateful for. So any time I started thinking negative thoughts, I pulled out my journal and start redirecting my energy. I can honestly say this not only kept me accountable of my thoughts, but it also showed me that life is pretty good and there are many, many reasons to be thankful. 

Did you follow along last week? I’d love to know how you went!

Have a wonderful week ahead,

Rachel xo 


  1. I love your Monday motivations. :) Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love this. We are seriously so on the same wavelength lately. I have been calling in the power of gratitude lately big time and it is amazingly transformative. At its most basic level, it allows you to focus on what is present in your life rather than concentrating on what's lacking. Whenever I catch myself thinking negative thoughts lately I really try to shift to thoughts of gratitude.

  3. I tried but didn't do so well. Your positive feedback on last week makes me think I should try harder though. Love your blog, Rachel.

  4. I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I think I need to start that. Sometimes I feel like my life is too crazy and I'm losing perspective on things.

  5. i know what you mean on keeping postive thought all the time... HARD!!! but like you say, if you surround yourself with positivee energy it will carry you along the way no matte what... have a nice week!!!

  6. I needed to hear this right about now! Life has been stressful lately and I tend to focus on the negative way too much. I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder :)

  7. Love that quote! I also keep a gratitude journal. I write down very simple things that I am thankful for and it really keeps me in check!