Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Portugal :: part two {lisbon}

{Rossio, which is one of the main squares in Lisbon}

Ahh Lisbon, definitely one my favourites of the places I visited on my trip. I fell in love with the beautiful architecture, the charming people and the chilled out vibe of the city.

It is big enough to feel like you are in a large city, but small enough for you to walk around in comfortably and not feel overwhelmed. After 3 days I felt like I knew the main areas really well, even though I'm sure there was still more of the city to explore.

I got to test this theory, when one morning (after a few too many mojitos), I went out in search of this charming cocktail bar / cupcakery discovered the previous night that I wanted to get pics of during daylight. And yes, it was as darling as I remembered it the night before (more on that later).

{View of the Rossio from the top of St George's Castle}

Even though when I was there it was technically Autumn, the weather was still incredibly warm with temperatures reaching the late 20's and early 30's - definitely t-shirt weather!

One of the highlights during my time in Lisbon was taking a walking tour through the city where our guide took us to some non-typical tourist places (I love these!) where we got to sample some traditional Portuguese delicacies like the famous Portuguese tarts, and other yummy pastries. Then there was cheese tasting, mixed with marmalade, which is not the sweet marmalade that you would normally have on toast, but rather an almost pate/jelly you would eat with cheese and port - it was a fabulous combination. 

Other highlights included catching a ferry across to the other side of Lisbon and eating a seafood feast (seafood is very big in Lisbon being on the coast);  seeing a traditional Fado show which is a very beautiful style of acoustic guitar and singing; and climbing to the top of St George's Castle and admiring the stunning view of the city.

It was in Portugal that I got hooked on espressos; I'm normally a flat white coffee drinker, but in Europe, everyone drinks espressos. Barista's would give me very strange looks when I asked for a Flat White, so I started ordering espressos instead - when in Rome! 

I had my first taste of Zara Home in Lisbon and picked up the cutest pair of leopard slippers + matching eye mask. I could have easily taken a lot more home with me but had to restrain myself so early on in the trip ;)

If you ever travel to Lisbon there are a couple of places that I highly recommend you visit.

First is the cupcake/cocktail bar I mentioned, which is called Tease. It is run by the coolest British rocker dude who reminded me very much of Steve Tyler, who wore skinny jeans, an awesome fedora hat and the funkiest snakeskin boots I have ever seen.  

All of the cocktails are named after famous rockstars including the likes of Kurt Cobain, Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Imagine going out with the girls for coffee or tea + cupcakes, but being able to order cocktails at the same time, pure genius! The decor was equally as charming: think vintage art deco meets girly glamour. They had the sweetest velvet settees that you could sit back and enjoy with your cocktail; seriously this place was heaven!

The second place you must visit is the Eric Kayser bakery. When I first walked in and saw all of the delectable cakes, pastries, breads and cheeses, I was thinking to myself: 'I will take one of those and those and those and those'. Yes, there was a LOT of eating involved in my trip. 

So there you have it lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this little escape to Lisbon! If you are travelling to Lisbon anytime soon I'd be happy to answer any questions you have :)

Next up I think I will take you to Morocco....

Rachel xo

All photography my own.


  1. Stunning! I would love to visit Portugal!

  2. Lisbon its stunning, its my city, have a nice trip ;)

  3. I'm sure is a charming city and it's high up on my list of place s to visit.

  4. Oh my gosh...definitely want to go there, that cupcakery/cocktail bar is beyond genius! Such great photos Rachel!

  5. Such a gorgeous recounting of your time there! I loved reading about your travels, and the cupcakery sounds absolutely divine. Funny that you switched over to espresso-- when I was in Europe I switched over to cappuccino because it felt like that was the only thing to drink there ;)

  6. What a charming and beautiful place!!!! I've never thought of visiting it (I know I know, narrow-minded... ;) ), but now Lisbon is added to the list.
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos!

  7. this is a place i have always wanted to visit and after seeing these photos i want to visit even more! beautiful!!

  8. I need to get there one day, if only to see those delightful yellow trams! :) xx

  9. Thank for the wonderful visual tour. That photo with the yellow trams had my heart. I also love the details of that building with the white and blue tiles.

    I'd love to visit Lisbon one day ... and maybe have a cupcake and an espresso ;-)

    PS. Again, my Bloglovin' isn't showing me any updates for your blog and many other blogs. I don't understand why.

  10. I own an apartment, a 35 minute drive from central Lisbon near the coast and am lucky enough to be able to spend my summers there. Your photos really do it justice.
    If you return or are about to visit I have recently discoverd a lovely retro cafe called La Boulangerie, 57 Rua Da Madalena just around the corner from the main sqaure Praca Do Commercio. It makes a great interlude to the site seeing and all the pastries and bread are made on site. You can see the owner baking them.

    A must is a night out in the Bairro Alto and a trip to Cascais.

    Oh and don't take your high heels , everything is cobbled and hilly. If you need some height take wedges or paltforms with thicker heels!

  11. Thank you for this lovely tour of these fascinating cities of my home country: Coimbra and Lisboa. It´s true I´m Portuguese, so I want to also sugest a visit to other equaly amazing cities which are Porto, Braga and GuimarĂ£es. They are located in the north part of country and they have lots of things to discover.Other hidden treasures are the Azorean islands, where I'm currently living and working, which are out of mass tourism routes so their luxurious nature still remain untouched. xx