Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life In Style, Sydney

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that on Saturday I went to check out Sydney's Life InStyle trade show. The weather was crappy (we had torrential rain all weekend!) but seeing all of these obscenely creative people in one space more than made up for it.

 I left feeling really inspired after meeting so many passionate + talented peeps who were showcasing their wares, so I thought I'd give you a bit of a peek of the highlights today....

One of the highlights was seeing Cool Edie's stylists Lucy Weight + Jane Frosh's 'Style Lab' where they showcased a themed + styled product shoot each day over the four day event. Day #3's theme was Harlequins and Metallics. Don't you just love the exaggerated use of pattern + colour?

These gorgeous stationery pieces are from Korean company, O-Check Design Graphics. The boxes of twine were so lovely, as were these Chinese medicine vases which would be put to great use in styling a vintage-inspired workspace.

Sydney based duo Me + Amber's range of cushions, prints and greeting cards were one of my favourites and I loved their minimalist take on design. Their whimsical and charming creations are all handmade from recycled paper and sustainable and durable fabrics.  

Rifle Paper Co. had a stand so I had to take a pic of their beautiful stationary. I'm only slightly obsessed with their gorgeous range of notepads and cards!

For more happenings from the event, check out the Life InStyle blog.

Rachel xo

All image via my instagram.


  1. This looks like fun!

  2. Oh wow. I would've gone crazy with so many pretty things around!

  3. Rifle can do no wrong in my book. And loving all of the other gorgeous looks!

  4. This must have been fun. I have a soft spot for Rifle paper Co stationery too. :)

  5. Even though you had bad weather I am sure you felt happy there, that first photo I love all of the printed textiles!


  6. This is the kind of trade show I would love to attend...beautiful pictures Rachel!