Friday, September 17, 2010

A Week of Lovelies {what inspired me this week}

Hello loves! It's hard to believe another week has gone by; well I'm not complaining really, I am rather looking forward to this weekend. On Saturday night I am hosting my sister's Bachelorette party and after weeks of planning I am super excited about the soiree we have organised. Nothing too fancy, but a lovely evening of cocktails, canapes, games, laughter and cupcakes await!

I haven't done a "what inspired me this week" post in a while, but thought I would do one this week as I found so much loveliness in blog-land lately. Would love to know your thoughts on whether you would like to see this as a regular feature.

So here we go....

Alexa Chung's much anticipated collection for Madewell has finally launched. Such a pretty collection you won't be disappointed by her taken on modern vintage. Check out the full range here.

I'm loving these utterly fabulous chevron tiles in this bathroom, designed by New York based interior designer Christina Murphy.

How pretty is this darling print? So perfectly French and Chic! This, and many more lovely prints are designed by Eva Juliet and available on her Etsy store. Thanks to Helena over at A Diary of A Lovely for introducing me to this delightful store!

Summer Watkins, the talented stylist behind the blog Grey Likes Weddings has launched her stunning portfolio site. Check it out for lots of pretty wedding, styling and party inspiration.

That's my wrap lovelies! Until next week, wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. I so wish we had Madewell where I live.. I'm loving her new collection! That floor stuns everytime, or maybe its just my long standing obsession with chevrons! The collage on the bottom is so beautiful and soothing... makes me want the warm summer sun to come back so I can have a picnic!

  2. Love the pristine double vanity. Fabulous! A beautiful weekend to you! Kellie xx

  3. These are all lovely! So excited for Alexa's Madewell collection. And that bathroom is amazing! Have a fabulous weekend, love and enjoy your sister's bachelorette party xoxo

  4. How lovely -- great compilation of beautiful spaces and things. I really enjoy Alexa's collection and really wish we have it available here! Also, lovely illustrations. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, Rachel.


  5. Everything is so beautiful. I especially love the floor in that bathroom- how unique!