Monday, December 12, 2011

Get her style {garance doré}

I love Garance Doré and her chic style. Not only is she incredibly fashionable, she is also a talented illustrator and photographer and I love reading her blog which includes anecdotes into her often very glamorous life.

I've a few of her interviews and she always comes across as being real and attainable - much like her style - and possibly why so many people feel like they can relate to her.

Do you j'adore Garance's style too?

Rachel xo

Image credit: The Coveteur


  1. I love her style! I am wanting to be a little more brave with my wardrobe, and I think khaki shorts are a great thing to try with. That LV bag is absolutely fab as well.



  2. I love Garance Dore's effortlessly chic style. Such a true Parisian. And what a great way to get her look!

  3. I'm a fan as well! Not just of her work and style, but as you said she genuinely sounds like a very nice person. And I simply adore the LV/Sofia Coppola bag...Rachel, have a great week!

  4. She is very stylish for sure. Living those cute shorts :)

    Abbey x

  5. Very stylish! Love the jacket! Mimi xx

  6. Hmmm... If only I could afford that bag!

    Andrea x

  7. That is such an effortlessly elegant outfit. It looks like she's just thrown something on, and come out looking amazingly chic. I'm so jealous.
    Saskia x

  8. She's such an icon, love what you've put together!

  9. Yes, I adore...the shorts are too cute!!

  10. I do! She has such an effortless cool, an élan, about her... thank you for sharing these pieces—I would love to have each one!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday & new week.


  11. I can so see you in that jacket, Rachel! xo

  12. I'll leave the shorts if that's ok but hmmm can Santa get me the rest for Christmas?

  13. love love LOVE Garance!

  14. What a lovely interpretation of Garance's look. :)

  15. she's definitely on my favourite bloggers list, so versatile and talented

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