Sunday, February 7, 2010

{Photography Inspiration} Anitta Behrendt

I was excited when I discovered the portfolio of Danish photographer Anitta Behrendt - her work is amazing. I adore light and bright interiors and Behrendt has captured this in each of these gorgeous shots. I love this old-fashioned bathtub with the faucets on the wall - I dream of having a bathroom one day as big and spacious as this one!

How was your weekend lovelies? Mine was eventful! Our house-sitting stint got cut short when husband's parents' house completely flooded with the huge down-pour Sydney received on Saturday night. All is well though, no damage done that can't be replaced by handy-home insurance and luckily we could just move back to our little place.

Have a fabulous Monday!

Rachel xo


  1. Oh, right now am just so happy to have found yr blog! u have amazing pics here, and this home is just wonderful!

  2. wow, what a nice windows, and your blog!! Have a nice day! Tarja