Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Antique Hunting {Vintage Mannequins}

I am putting the finishing touches on our bedroom right now and one of the things I am looking for to complete the room is a beautiful vintage mannequin to hold jewellery. 

I love the idea of displaying jewellery in an interesting/quirky way and have seen a few ideas, including these two shots, to fuel my inspiration.

I'm thinking an antique-hunting road trip is on the horizon!

Hope you're having a fun-filled week lovelies.

Image credits: Greige, My Ideal Home


  1. The large mirror on the floor is fabulous!!

  2. I love vintage mannequins! We bought one this last Summer, and her name is Lola. She sits in the studio and wears whatever we feel like dressing her in... I hope you find the perfect one!


  3. I love the look of antique mannequins! It's such a great idea to add to the decor of a room.

  4. I think the vintage mannequin would look great. I hope you find one and show us some pictures of your room finished. Good luck!

  5. any new pics of your new home?

  6. Gorgeous room! So glad to have stumbled upon you.

  7. @Sarah, oh Lola sounds lovely! So funny that you dress her!
    @See Hear Say, they are coming I promise. Nothing is finished yet completely which is why I haven't posted :)

  8. What a lovely blog! First time here. I stumbled over via Sacramento street.

    A vintage mannequin sounds wonderful! And I am all for antiques hunting!

    ox, Mon


  9. Beautiful pictures! So many beautiful ideas out there I find it so hard to feel satisfied as there is always something else I'd like as I adore so many different styles!

    Like your idea for storing/displaying jewellry, look forward to pics!