Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Real Living {Renovation Perfection}

Have you seen this month's issue of Real Living? Featuring in it is a fabulous renovation on a Melbourne semi, owned by Katie and Mick.I love, love what they have done and will be using this as inpsiration for our kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The neutral colour scheme in the living room is stunning. I really like how Katie and Mick clevery mixed big ticket pices of furniture such as the couch and the vintage Smeg fridge with inexpensive (but equally fab) IKEA pieces.

The kitchen is all from IKEA and you could never tell - it looks amazing!

We're thinking for our new kitchen we will go for IKEA as well. After reading about so many people's experiences with renovations its really beginning to emerge that unless you are in your dream home, there is no need to go all out for renovations as the re-sale value of the house won't justify the expense.

I love the nifty storage solutions including the mirror, serving as a place to keep cosmetics, and the open wooden shelving. The subway sign-style artwork adds an almost industrial feeling to the bathroom. Noteworthy are the taps - these are Rogerseller and were a major splurge for Katie & Mick, but they look fab so completely worth it!

What's your favorite room in Katie & Mick's renovation?

All images via the August 2010 issue of Real Living


  1. Wow! I love the simple use of frames around the fireplace! Such a refreshing space!

  2. I hadn't joined the dots that the tour I saw on design*sponge was the same house that was in RL until now!
    I love the Rogerseller taps too- if we hadn't already renovated the bathroom, I'd be buying those!

  3. I love the little plops of colour.

  4. I've never been able to see Real Living in print, but with each sneak peak I crave to see it more - it looks fabulous! I love their kitchen! Thanks for posting, R!

  5. Hey Racheal great post as I haven't seen this months mag are exactly right about reno vs return...if you play it smart it can be very cost effective and with happy returns.
    My reno was featured on A Very Fine House if you want to check it out...
    Great Blog btw.

  6. @ Jenny, yes I saw it on Design*Sponge too!

    @ Elements, its a great issue definitely worth getting. So glad you are of the same thinking about the renovation on spend vs return! Will check out your renovation now!

  7. I totally agree with you it's just gorgeous, i'm loving the kitchen and the bedroom the most but to be honest I love it all, oh that smeg fridge gimme gimme! Jx love your blog