Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Colour Splash

When I spied this fabulous Spanish holiday home over at the Vintage & Chic blog I was instantly was smitten. 

I love how white has become the perfect canvas for adding splashes of vibrant colour, and how bold prints have been carefully added to create a fresh and quirky retreat.

Adding a mix of vintage and modern pieces, like this 70s style chair, adds so much interest to the room.

The Lovely List:
*Built in shelves
*Painted white floorboards
*Animal print cushion (!)
*Red & white stripped floor rug
*Outdoor entertaining area with fabulously comfy couches

What's on your lovely list for this vibrant holiday home?

Image credit: Spanish Architectural Digest via Vintage & Chic Blog


  1. On my lovely list is that gorgeous terrace with the white beams and the deep pulm ceilings!

  2. The artwork in the first picture is fabulous. And I'm definitely having a love affair with dark, dark walls with a white trim, looks amaaaazing.

    PS - love a champagne picnic... that's style, my dear! x

  3. LOVE this house! The cushions and both red and white rugs are definitely on my list!

  4. It's beautiful! I'm having my apartment painted at the end of the month and have been trying to decide which direction to go in but now you have me thinking white!!! :)

  5. i love every single thing about this place... from the furniture all the way to the rug and the fabrics!

  6. I LOVE all the white, but how the color was added by the pieces put into the room. The home is totally delicious, but its also great in that it can be changed when the homeowner is tired of it. We recently moved to a place that has stark white walls, and we're not going to paint, and I have really come to adore the white!

  7. I love the orange rug in the first photo! What a great pattern and color... it would instantly brighten any room.

  8. Beautiful! I'm especially taken with the accessories in red. So powerful with white, and so pure. lovely post :)