Thursday, September 2, 2010

House Doctor {Stylish Home Decor}

The latest House Doctor catalogue is positively brimming with ideas and beautifully styled inspiration for your home.  From bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, to outdoors and home office, House Doctor have a fabulous range of decor and accessories to create a stylish haven.

I am completely coveting their gorgeous range of cleaning products - their adorable packaging definitely makes an incentive to clean!

Prepare to be blown away by the full catalogue my dears; and for more amazing inspiration, do check out the House Doctor blog!

Image credits: House Doctor


  1. I really want a staircase right now after seeing cute!!
    ♥ Rin

  2. LOVE it all! That staircase is positively gorgeous and that wooden dining table is gorgeous!

  3. Love you Blog it is breath taking and I am right there with you I am a sucker for cleaning products in cute packaging!! LOVE IT have a great weekend

  4. Wonderful stuff! I can just see myself tripping up on the staircase, but no matter, I'll just use their gorgeous products to clean up the spill... x

  5. you had me at the first photo -- how fantastic! Thank you for sharing these great ideas :)