Monday, November 8, 2010

5 lovely things I can't live without {Not Quite Nigella}

Hello lovelies and welcome to a brand new week!

I am very excited to launch a new series here on LBoL: 5 lovely things I can’t live without.

To kick things off, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Lorraine from the fabulous blog Not Quite Nigella. Lorraine is arguably one of Australia’s top foodie bloggers who writes, cooks and eats her way around Sydney and the world in search of the best culinary delights to share with readers.

To top it off, Lorraine has just announced plans to release a book which will hit bookshops in 2011 – stay tuned for more details closer to the launch!

{one} King Furniture Strata Leather Lounge: I'm constantly battling my husband Mr NQN for the three seater so that I can recline and watch television or write. It's like musical chairs and whoever wins gets the 3 seater while the loser gets the swivel 1 seater. This lounge was the biggest pain to transport as it is one long 3 metre by 1 metre wide pieces but I love it to bits. It is so comfortable.

{two}iPad: I call this my second best friend - after my husband of course! I cannot travel without it and it is the second thing I reach for in the morning - after my husband!

{three} Lescure Butter: There's nothing like it. If I were stuck on a desert island I'd want at least one of the things I'd take with me to be butter.

{four} Diptyque Tuberose Rouge candle: Diptyque candles are my favourite of all of the brands as they are so aromatic and true. Tuberose Rouge and Essence de John Galliano are both incredibly evocative fragrances.

{five} Chanel nail polishes: the darker the better and Chanel have the best palette of colours. I get overwhelmed with choice anxiety with other brands whereas with Chanel it is like they have cherry picked the best colours. Blue Satin and Vendetta are my favourites.


Thank you for being the first to take part in the series Lorraine!
If you would like to take part please email me - littlebitsoflovely {at} gmail {dot} com.


  1. Loving the new series, Rachel! I would love to own an iPad one day - they look awesome!

  2. great list!!!!

  3. Great series idea, and what a brilliant way to start - I adore NQN! And her list is so wonderful (I'm currently wearing Chanel Vendetta polish while smelling my Diptyque candle!)

    Miss B xx

  4. awww.. that's just so sweet! i am totally in love with ipad, but still saving on getting one!! :) surely when i get my hand on one, it will be in the top 5 of the things that i can't live without :P

  5. This is wonderful! I think I like that couch too! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx