Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank you!

I have a few thank you's to make to you lovely readers!

First, I would to say a BIG thank you to Jessica, over at Lavender and Lillies who has so kindly nominated my little blog for a Homie Award! I was so thrilled to receive this lovely surprise; it's exciting to be considered for such an award.

If you would like to nominate Little Bits of Lovely there is still time! Just go to Apartment Therapy (register to become a user if your not already), then cast your nomination here.

Next, I have been nominated for a Stylish Blogger Award by three fabulous ladies; thank you to Sara from A Dose of Pretty, Christine from Bijou and Boheme and Anna from Lona de Anna!

The rules are for me to share 7 things about me and then to pass it on to my favourite blogs; so here goes...

{one} My husband and I met at work 
I was lucky enough to meet my husband when we were both working in advertising. When we initially got together we were working on the same account and working very closely with each other – it was bizarre but also kind of fun at the same time. We actually really enjoyed working together and hopefully one day we will get the opportunity to again.

{two} I’m petrified of public speaking
I am not one of those people who can get up and talk in front of a crowd of people without shaking uncontrollably, feeling sick and having a bad case of butterflies in my stomach. I wish it wasn't true,  but sadly this isn’t the case.

{three} Coffee is my vice
I start each day with a coffee and I love it! If I don't have it I tend to get a bit cranky :)

{four}  I’m a handbag gal
I made the distinction that I’m a handbag gal over a shoe gal when I was about 19 on my first trip to Europe, when I purchased my very own LV and Prada bags. Since then my love affair with bags has continued and my collection has grown. I believe that a bag can make an outfit and by accessorizing well, a beautiful bag can take you anywhere.

{five}  I have a fear of cats

Yes, this sounds extremely lame, but unfortunately true! My hubby always makes fun of me about this and finds it extremely amusing. I am always worried cats are about to leap out and claw me; I try to avoid them whenever possible.

{six} I was born and bred in Sydney
People from Sydney often find it strange that I have lived here my whole life. Most people you meet in Sydney are either from overseas or another state in Australia, but I'm an exception - it is such a great city, why would I want to leave?! That's not to say I'm not getting itchy feet; I would love to live and work overseas one day!

{seven} My day job
When I am not blogging, I work for a large publishing corporate in their digital division, where I spend my day strategising, developing and launching new products; exciting stuff!

That's it for me lovelies! And now to pass this award on to some favourites;

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I'll be back tomorrow with a special Austalia Day edition of Wednesday Workspace!

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  1. So lovely to find out more about you Rachel and I don't really like cats either:) xo

  2. Oh my goodness thanks so much for including me here in this list, I'm so honored!

    PS, I'm very much a handbag kinda girl too!

  3. !! Thankyou for the nomination!! I'll have to get on that for tomorrow haha

  4. Oh - so flattered! Thank you dear.


  5. How wonderful to find out more about you :)
    I feel the same way, and adore handbags... I have some nice shoes, but would rather have a new handbag any day!

    Have a great wednesday, xoxo

  6. Congrats on the award, and I love your list! I'm with you on two and four: Hate public speaking. Love handbags.

    Have a great weekend, Rachel!

  7. By the way...we share a love of coffee and an 'un-love' of cats (but I'll take the room that cat is in!).