Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Style

Hello my dears, is it March already? How quickly summer has been and gone! I'm honestly quite looking forward to the cooler months ahead; call me crazy but I do much prefer winter rather than this hot sticky weather we have been having lately. 

Now that were in March I think that the countdown to our US holiday we have booked in June can officially begin! We haven't done any planning other than loosely deciding we'll be visiting LA, San Francisco and New York; apart from that its all up in the air. So I would really love any advice/tips you have on where to visit, what to see, where to eat, and most importantly where to shop!

Here's what I'm coveting in this month...

{one} Decorate - the long awaited debut book, Decorate, written by Decor8's Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, is being released on March 25. From the snippets Holly has shared I know it's going to be amazing and filled with lots of gorgeous inspiration! You can pre-order your copy on Amazon here.

{two} Lanvin 2 tone ballerina flats - these flats will be a wardrobe staple this Autumn; ok so maybe not the Lanvin pair, but there are plenty of gorgeous slightly cheaper versions I have seen!

{three} Trays - I seriously cannot get enough of decorating with pretty trays right now, this lucite spiked tray, designed by Nicole Cohen, is a favourite!

{four} Adele, 21 - Adele's powerful voice is some kind of wonderful. Her single Rolling in the Deep is one of those songs that gives you shivers. Check out the video clip here.

{five} Matchbook Mag issue 2 - I'm loving that Matchbook is a monthly magazine. The new issue was launched today and I'm looking forward to reading it from cover to cover.

{six} Kate Spade note cards - I'm finding more and more these days that need hand-written notes. Whether it's to say 'thank you' or simply write a little 'hello' note and and not want to use email. I love these Kate Spade cards - they are so pretty and simple and can be used for any occasion.

Have a brilliant first day of March lovelies!


  1. Lovely finds for March!!! I am lusting over pretty much everything in Nicole's shop (and ps, hate to mention on comments but since you are wanting a lucite tray, I'm doing a giveaway today for one from tilly maison.) Also really need to have that Adele CD! Your trip to the US sound fabulous- wish I could be of some help in that regard but all I know is that you have to go to NY- so fantastic!!

  2. Love those Kate Spade note cards! Hope you are keeping well, Rachel!

  3. I adore Adele's music! And I'll have to check out that Decorate book...most likely will be added to my list of books I need to buy :)

  4. I love your monthly style series. Loving those Lanvin shoes.

  5. I would love "Decorate" and those beautiful Lanvin ballet flats. Lovely finds!