Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Weekend & Lovely Links

Ahh thank goodness the weekend has arrived! Its an extra long one here too with Monday being the Queen's birthday. To celebrate the occasion we watched The King's Speech last night; such a wonderful and incredibly powerful film; have you seen it?

Here were my favourites lovelies this week...
* A new blog discovery, Hanneli, an extremely stylish Nowegian born & NYC blogger/photographer and featured on the front of Net-a-Porter's June magazine Blogger special edition
* I'm dreaming about an island holiday after seeing this dreamy villa in Mykynos
* Blake Lively looks incredible channelling the 60's in her shoot for US Glamour magazine
* Love this very clever uten.silo organiser
*  10 things you can do in 10 minutes or less that have a positive life enhancing effect
* Weekend reading: the latest issue of Ivy and Piper is out now

Thank you for your company and lovely comments this week! I wish you all a most wonderful and relaxing weekend,

Rachel xo

Image credits: Hanneli; Pretty Stuff; Glam Things


  1. I always look forward to you w/end posts Rachel, they are great...thanks for another brilliant one :)
    Enjoy your long w/end
    Claudia xo

  2. Thanks for all the links! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. That uten.silo organizer has been on my wish list for longer than I can remember, I'm hoping to one day write it off the list.

    Enjoy your long weekend ;-)

  4. Can't wait to visit your links...happy weekend!!

  5. oooh, great links! And wow, the hat boxes in the second photo are just awesome. I am tempted to buy something just for the boxes :-)

  6. Oh my GAAAAWSH...those pics of Blake are so amazing...and I'm a thinkin' I should read a little Ivy & Piper now...Have a great loooong weekend!

  7. Heading off to check out the 10 things list and the Hanneli blog, oh and the Greek link. Looks like I'm in for a treat! Hope your weekend is brill! xo

  8. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend! I LOVED King's speech, great great movie. The shots from Blake are very glamorous indeed. And Hanelli's blog is always so good.

  9. hi there, what a lovely blog, enjoying your inspirations.
    i so want that hat!

  10. Ahhh thanks for featuring my blog! So sweet, Blake does look a m a z i n g!!


  11. SO HAPPY I found your blog! I adore it! I´m your newest follower now :)
    xx Marie House Chic

  12. great links! I need to check out Ivy & Piper. Happy Monday!