Monday, June 20, 2011

House tour {a cosy french apartment}

How lovely is this cosy apartment? The owners, artists Myriam and Dominique, wanted to escape the hectic Parisian lifestyle and sought a change of pace, so they moved to this beautiful apartment located in Nimes, in the South of France. 

I adore the bright colours used and different textures, creating an eclectic feel that is incredibly inviting. In stark contrast to the rest of the apartment, the bedroom is left white and decorated in muted tones, creating a perfect sanctuary.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend; mine was spent celebrating M's birthday which was lots of fun!

Rachel xo

Source: Marie Claire Maison


  1. I love the contrast between the bedroom and the brightness of the rest of the apartment. The rustic white bedroom is however my favourite space. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)Ada

  2. bold and beautiful! The bookshelves are really something!

  3. How gorgeous! Love all the wallpaper they used!

  4. I'm caaarazy for all of the wallpaper- so lovely!!!

  5. It's just too adorable... the frames, the wallpaper and the colour is just so fun!

  6. Yay for birthdays! Any reason to party and eat cupcakes is awesome to me...and these are LOVELY! I am more and more convinced that I need more yellow in my life...(c:

  7. love the colour combos...they are so inspiring :)
    Have a great week
    Claudia xo

  8. if my apartment looked like this, I would never, ever leave. Gorgeous. Love Marie Claire Maison.
    Love your blog too! stunning x