Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Favourites {top 10 glossy covers}

Last but not least of the 2011 Favourites are the top 10 glossy covers of the year. What makes an amazing glossy cover? It has to be bold, a little bit risqué, and of course, able to tell a compelling story.

Here are my top picks...

{two} Lady Gaga: US Vogue, March 2011

{nine} The Supers: UK Harper's Bazaar, December 2011

I think my favourite has to be the December issue of Australian Vogue with Isabel Lucas on the cover; not only does Isabel look serenely beautiful, this set against the minimalist shot and combined with the textured play on Vogue, makes for a striking effect.

Which was your favourite cover?

I hope you enjoyed the round up of the best of 2011! I'm now off to celebrate the start of 2012, which is set to be an extraordinary year, I just know it. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog this year; I am enormously grateful for your support. I have some exciting things planned for the blog next year and and can't wait to share the next chapter with you!

 Have an amazing start to 2012!

Rachel xo


  1. I think I love the Mila Kunis/JT cover (and spread) the most. Followed closely by Kate Moss! Happy NYE!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Happy New Year, Rachel! May 2012 be full of wonderful surprises, love and everything you wish for! xo

  3. Of these I love the one with Gwen Stefani.

    Happy New Year dear Rachel ;-)

  4. I loved the Bazaar with all of the 80's supermodels from the Duran Duran video. Also the Gwen cover was gorgeous!

    Happy new year, Rachel! May your 2012 be filled with much love, happiness and prosperity! xoxo

  5. I love the Australian Vogue cover as well- love the bohemian look. They are all great covers, though! Cheers to a happy new year and a wonderful 2012 for you. So thankful to have found your blog this year.



  6. Australian Vogue has had some incredible covers this year - unlike international Vogues, which seem more concerned with celebrities than fashion.

    Andrea x

  7. I love the first one! Happy New Year Rachel! Can't wait to follow your sweet blog this year!

  8. the Gisele one is my fav. so chic and that girl never has a bad hair day. I'm jelly...

    xoxo navy & orange

  9. I like the Mila Kunis/Justin Timberlake one A LOT, but I think you picked right-- I love that Isabel one with the cool colors in the VOGUE title. Great pics, little bits of lovely!

  10. Has to be the ELLE cover with Justin on the front! ;) xx

  11. Has to be the ELLE cover with Justin on the front! :) xx

  12. love the one with the original top models... happy 2012!

  13. Gorgeous round up! I loved so many of these covers- it's fun to see them altogether! xo

  14. What a fun series! I'm obsessed with Kate Moss, LOVE her covers :-)

    Just found your blog, following now!

    Happy Weekend!


  15. Happy new year Rachel! Can't wait to see what you have lined up for 2012! I'm with you, Isabel Lucas looks amazing on that cover :)

    Abbey x

  16. Hello lovely Rachel! Happy new year to you. I've missed your blog!!!! My fav is the Alexa Chung cover - totally love her steeze.

    L xxxx

  17. Love these covers! So gorgeous! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  18. I am loving the list of your favorites these past couple of posts, aren't those Vogue magazine cover-ups fabulous? I love kate moss and the supergroup's covers, Paris and Australia's selections are great as well. I just happened upon your blog today and I think it is darling. I hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Twirling Clare

  19. I love that first Vogue cover! I hadn't seen that Kate Moss one before..thank you for sharing !

  20. I like the 3rd and 4th ones, but I especially like the second to last one and agree with you that the last one is the best. I love the pattern they put in the font and her necklace is amazing.
    Hope you`re having a great 2012!

  21. How funny - despite all the glam covers I'm with you good old Aussie Vogue wins on this occasion!
    I'm just back from hols so 'Happy 2012' - I look forward to what you have install for us.

  22. Oooh wooow amazing post!!! love it!!

    Follow you!! :)