Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 lovely things {the peak of tres chic}

Hello lovelies! I'm thrilled to introduce you to Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic, who is sharing her 5 Lovely Things today! Sam's blog is always an inspiring read + I love her Boudoir of the Day series where she features the most glamorous bedrooms - do stop by + say hello!

Bonjour, Little Bits of Lovely readers!  It's Sam, editor of The Peak of Tres Chic.  I am thrilled to be here posting on Rachel's blog.  She has the best taste and I can't help but love that she is an Aussie- just like my boyfriend!  There are so many things in life that inspire me, so choosing just 5 is quite a challenge.  But here is my best attempt...

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{one} Travel -- Travel is such an important part of my life and the woman I have become.  I was fortunate enough to travel internationally with my family growing up.  Seeing the world has helped broaden my perspective and generally made me a more passionate person.  

{two} Music -- Music is a large part of my life as well.  I love discovering new bands and going to concerts and music festivals.  It's amazing how a particular song can remind you of a time in your life, a person, or an event.  There is such strong emotion tied to music.

{three} Fresh Blooms -- Nothing brightens up my day like flowers.  I like to pick up a fresh bouquet for my kitchen once a week.  It gives life to my whole house!  Although I do not have a backyard or a space for a garden at my current home, I would love to have a little garden some day!

{four} / {five} Pretty Shelves + Vanities -- Well-designed shelves and vanities are one of my favorite elements in a home.  It can be hard to combine just the right amount of color, texture, and shape to make them look pretty rather than disorganized or busy.  I also love that they can provide a vignette that tells a story about the decorator.  Often times there are framed pictures, trinkets picked up along vacations or discovered at flea markets.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 lovely things!  Rachel, thank you so much for having me over. I hope you will stop by the The Peak of Tres Chic and say "Hi!"


  1. Love Sam and love all of her picks! Travel and agree! :)

  2. just lovely...a beautiful and inspirational post x

  3. That vanity is beautiful!

    Lovely post :)

    Laura xo

  4. Great things to love! Thanks for sharing this with your readers! Not sure if I would jump like that but, I think you're amazing for doing it!!!

  5. I would love t have a garden too!

  6. What a lovely guest post! Thank you for the introduction, Rachel. I love travelling too (aren't the short trips or the one-day getaways during the week the best?) and there is nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up your home and your day.

  7. Ohhhhhh so fun! Lovely guest post! I'm going to stop over to The Peak of Tres Chic now! xoxo A-

  8. Thank you for the introduction to this lovely lady and her idea of the Boudoir of the Day is so original!