Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy weekend + lovely links

Happy weekend friends! I can't believe this is the last weekend before my trip + to say I'm excited would be a complete understatement! This weekend I need to get organised; I have a long overdue hair appointment (I've been holding out as long as possible so I can have it done at the last minute before I leave!); picking up last minute things I need for my trip and starting to pack. 

Here are this week's lovely picks...

+ 50 of the best quotes from the incredibly inspiring Diana Vreeland.

+ Liz took these amazing shots of Versailles on her recent trip to Paris; they are just exquisite.

+ For my fellow stationery lovers, I just discovered OliveBox, which is a new subscription service where members receive the loveliest box of paper + lifestyle products delivered to their door each month. Sign me up!

+ I love these beautiful Fashion Week illustrations Samantha Hahn created.

+ Rach wrote this love-soaked letter of encouragement that needs to be pulled out whenever you need reassurance.

On that note, with my impending trip and the last few weeks of craziness since starting my new job, I haven't had as much time to dedicate to the blog as I would have liked, which has forced me to reflect and take stock of what it is that really want to be doing. I know there are going to be big changes when I get back and I really am so excited about the future of this blog and the plans I have. 

I am reminded of this everyday + am busily working on putting my plans into action...

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the super sweet Typo giveaway to win a gift pack of your choice!

Wishing you an amazing weekend,

Rachel xo

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  1. Love those quotes from Diana Vreeland! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend-- and so intrigued what you have up your sleeve for the blog!

  2. I love that Greg S. Reid quote!
    Have fun getting organised ... and see you in Paris ;-)

  3. Enjoy some down time of pampering at the hairdresser before you go.

  4. Great links, esp. the Versailles shots! Have a wonderful weekend, friend! :) xx

  5. Love those versailles pictures!

    I'm excited to see what you've got in mind for your beautiful blog here.

    attempted ambition blog

  6. Gorgeous photo - makes me feel like getting dressed up & going for a drive!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. The Versailles photos are amazing, thanks for sharing! And I loved the illustrations, if only I could draw like that! Have a wonderful weekend Rachel!