Thursday, September 27, 2012

Insta-lately + the Typo giveaway winner

Hi lovelies! It's one more sleep until I leave so I'm just popping in between packing to give you a 
bit of a peek of lately through the Instagram lens...

{left to right} 

A few new pretties: 1. Peter Alexander slippers and bag + 2. Kikki-k travel travel wallet; to-do notepad + pretty pens

3. My brother's lovely wedding invitation; which means I'll be going to Adelaide in November just after I get back!

4. I got these Hopscotch & Grace business cards printed to take with me on my trip!

5. My sister's been getting me into these power smoothies + I'm loving them in the mornings now the weather is getting warmer.

6. I've been using KORA products lately + they are amazing! They are all definitely coming with me in my suitcase.

7. I bought these Country Road beauty cases to take with me; the neon + polka dots make me very happy :)

8. My current magazine stack pretty much sums things up where my head is at lately.

.....And now to announce the winner of the awesome Typo giveaway! The winner is... 

Congratulations Cynthia, you have won the Vintage Pretty pack! Thank you so much to every one who entered, it was fun reading all of your answers :)

Rachel xo


  1. Love your images! I really like the way you set up your things :)


  2. My eyes instantly zoned in on those cases. Adorable!!!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, love everything! And so funny, I had those cases on my radar too, they are lovely!

  4. So intrigued about those Kora products.. maybe because they just happen to be packaged in my favorite color ;)

  5. love all your photos--so pretty. Your brother's wedding invite looks fabulous!

    xo mary jo

  6. Once again, thanks for such an amazing giveaway :)