Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest post {not just a pretty dress}

I'm off on holiday and will be back in early November. Until then, I leave you in the company of some fabulous ladies...I hope you enjoy the posts they have put together!  See you soon! xx

Hello I'm Caterina from Not Just A Pretty Dress and I'm delighted to be here while Rachel is enjoying her amazing holiday. When she told me about her trip to Europe, I was impressed by her itinerary as she is basically going to visit some of my favorite European cities. Alas Brussels - where I'm currently living - was not on her list; therefore, I thought about sharing some fashionable bits of the Belgian capital.

Our virtual tour should start from the birthplace of one of the most beloved fashion icons of all times. Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels and her home is conveniently located next to Les Brassins, a brasserie where it is possible to taste delicious, traditional meals.

Belgium has a great fashion tradition and living here made me discover many niche local labels such as Rue Blanche and Just In Case, where I go especially for their beautiful skirts and dresses, and Les Precieuses for the best costume jewelry in town. My favourite shopping area of the city is around the Rue Antoine Dansaert and you can find additional suggestions here.

Wearing: Just in Case dress & Les Precieuses necklace

Thanks to the blog I have the chance to meet many interesting people and I would like to share the links to the blogs of some fashionable Belgian & expat friends: Jess In Belgium for musings on lifestyle and travels, Al from The Red Dot for her beautiful illustrations and style, and Elke's Binocular Imprints for her inspiring photography & her The Shophopper for great advice on Belgian boutiques.

Rachel, thank you so much for having me today and see you soon in Paris!


  1. So nice to find you here, Caterina. I know where to turn to when I'll plan my trip to Brussels. You girls have fun in Paris! :)

  2. I would love to visit Brussels one time, how fun that you two are going to meet?! ;)

  3. Brussels is indeed a very vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Having so many people from around the world in such a small city makes it so very stimulating and the presence of so many new labels can not be a coincidence (Caterina the purple dress is faboulous).

  4. Gorgeous dress colour suits you! Thanks for the mini Brussels shopping tour Caterina would love to travel to Belgium one day

  5. Thank you for the tour of Brussels. I never knew Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium. I do love this Just in Case dress. Xxxx