Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest post {pretty fluffy}

I'm off on holiday and will be back in early November. Until then, I leave you in the company of some fabulous ladies...I hope you enjoy the posts they have put together!  See you soon! xx

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to be here today guest posting while Rachel is off on her fabulous overseas adventure. But I'm here today to talk about another Rachel. Rachel Bilson to be specific. As my blog, Pretty Fluffy, suggests, I'm obsessed with all thing canine and all things stylish, so when they go hand in hand, I'm in heaven. 

In my opinion, Rachel Bilson knocks it out of the park every time she takes her adorable pup Thurman Murman for a walk (yes - that is totally his name!) Whether dressed up in heels, or going casual in her fav printed tee, she always looks fabulous. Let's steal their style... 

Thanks for having me today Rachel!
Serena xo

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  1. Love that dressed down look and as I'm on the look-out for new knee high boots my eye was drawn to this lovely pair (nice scarf too!)

  2. Love the way she dresses for dog walking and really like your outfit. However not sure about the high heel platforms - I think most dogs would either have to be those tiny ones or on tranquilisers, otherwise the owner will soon find herself off balance. ;)

  3. I so agree! I think Rachel Bilson knocks it out the park every time she... no, just every time ;)

  4. Rachel always looks perfectly chic! Love this post!