Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Golden Globes :: red carpet style

I always look forward to awards season; a definite highlight on the fashion calendar with this year being no exception. I thought there was a lot of glamour on the red carpet this year, plus a few well taken risks, like Lucy Liu wearing the much debated couture gown from Caroline Herrera's Spring Collection. 

Here were my top 5 favourite looks....

Jennifer Lawrence was full of glamour wearing a strapless Dior gown with a metallic belt + clutch.

Anne Hathaway looked incredibly elegant in her white beaded Chanel gown.

I loved Marion Cotillard's bold choice of an orange Dior dress.

I haven't been able to stop admiring the beautiful Carolina Herrera gown worn by Lucy Liu; how incredible is that fabric?

Emily Blunt made a fabulous statement in her cut-out Michael Kors dress.

Who wore your favourite look of the evening?

Rachel xo

Image via: the Huffington Post


  1. Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway were my favourites and I also liked Dame Helen Mirren's elegant black gown too.

  2. I also loved J Lawrence, she looked stunning! And while I also loved Lucy L I thought that it was not the occasion for the dress. Other faves were K Hudson, Helen Mirren and J Gardner ;)

  3. I've also loved the Chanel look and a few others including the shape of the Carolina Herrera dress - so princess-like! x

  4. Emily Blunt looked amazing! I also loved Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba's dresses.

  5. I love your take on the GG '13 fashion, I hadn't seen Lucy Liu's dress before - it's absolutely incredible! That print, those colours, that silhouette.... heavenly (wishing I'd featured it in my GG fashion post now haha)!

    I remember thinking Jennifer Lawrence and Zooey Deschanel wore similar style dresses this year, but I think Jennifer pips it with her accessories - metallic belt is always a winner, right?


  6. My favourite look was hands down Naomi Watts in Zac Posen.

  7. Rachel, you have selected almost all my favourite looks! Those bright orange Dior gowns were stunning!