Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyday luxuries

I love being able to treat myself to little luxuries everyday. Of course it is always lovely to indulge in more extravagant luxuries from time to time, but its also nice to be able to treat yourself daily and relish in these small moments of pleasure.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to bring luxury to the everyday...

{one} Spritzing myself with my favourite perfume

{two} Writing notes and to-do's in pretty notebooks

{three} Adding a hint of sparkle with statement necklace

{four} Having fresh flowers at home 

{five} Wearing a glamorous pair of heels

What are your favourite way to treat yourself to a little luxury everyday?

Rachel xo

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  1. Oh gorgeous! Love that statement necklace.

  2. Coffee - everyday I look forward to my nespresso, it is the perfect way to begin the day:)

  3. Gorgeous post Rachel! I always indulge in fresh flowers for my home too :)

    Abbey x

  4. Gorgeous post! Love the selection of pictures, especially the outfit ones. I like to indulge by lighting scented candles, making a cup of tea in one of my beautiful china cups, and reading some of my favourite books/magazines.

  5. I think I spotted Tom Ford perfume there - one of my favourite little luxuries too! Candles and fresh flowers and favourite magazines are also a must.

  6. All these are little things that always make my day too. :)

  7. I am right there with you on all of these everyday luxuries! Spraying my favorite perfume, looking at $3 tulips, and writing down my to-do list on a Kate Spade notebook make the day brighter for sure! I also have my weekly indulgences - my one can of diet coke, my expensive barre class, and wine on Fridays!


  8. i LOVE having fresh flowers in my home too. It's a sure way to bright my day.

  9. I can so see you rocking those glitter heels! Thanks for your lovely comment today, hun. Sorry I've not checked in for a few days - hope you are keeping well (and cool!) over there. xx

  10. I love your little luxuries. I feel the same way about most of these!

  11. Such great little luxuries indeed!

  12. I just came across your blog for the first time, but I have to say, you are so gorge, and you have amazing taste!

    xxoo, k


  13. Rachel, what a beautiful post! Statement necklaces feature prominently in my life as well!