Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Rooms to love in 2010 {dining}

{one} Designed by Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Lonny

{two} Designed by Alessandra Branca

{three} via Nuevo Estilo
{four} Designed by Victoria Smith (sfgirlbybay), Rue

{five} Designed by The Brooklyn Home Company, via DesignSponge

{seven} Designed by Elizabeth Bauer, Lonny

{eight} Designed by Jessie Zinke, Rue

{nine} Designed by Windsor Smith, Rue

{ten} The Beautiful Soup via Simply Seductive, designer unknown

So many striking dining rooms made it hard to narrow the list down to 10, but here they are...the top dining spaces in 2010. Do you have a favourite?
Up next...bathrooms.


  1. oh that paisley wallpaper & last image.....delish!

  2. there is something that draws me to the first table: i've always always liked round dining tables ... and there's something about bench seats, maybe that they encourage extra people at a table... whatever it is, i really like how home-y that table feels!

  3. how lovely are those floral chairs!
    happy new year xx