Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Inspiration} Christmas Table Settings

As we edge closer to Christmas important decisions need to be made...like what kind of table setting style to go for. I have always tended to go down the traditional route, using lots of gold, red and green, but I have been tempted to mix it up this year after seeing these really lovely {and definitely not traditional} ideas...



 {Elegant Chinoiserie}

What do you think? Will you be tempted to mix it up and go for a different look, or do you prefer more traditional-style table settings?

Images: Homelife


  1. Love that first table setting - so romantic and elegant :)

  2. Love that pink and orange coloured garland - such fun!

  3. Very pretty examples of different christmas table decorating. They do really tempte me to mix it up a bit more than I already do. LOVE the first one very much:) Are you going for different colors this year than you're used to? XX Captivated by image

  4. @Christel Mmmm definitely considering it. I do love the Elegant Chinoiserie, but also a fan of vintage. Such a hard decision!

  5. Fabulous inspiration! Which I most definitely need since I just found out that I will be hosting xmas this year :) xoxo