Monday, December 20, 2010

5 lovely things I can't live without {Elce Stockholm}

Hello friends! Wow, I can't believe the week before Christmas has finally arrived. I am eagerly counting down the hours left of work until holidays...only 4 more to go! Thank goodness I finished my Christmas shopping on the weekend, now I can just enjoy the lead up to the holidays.

Today I would like to introduce you to Tiina, who writes the blog Elce Stockholm. I love reading Tiina's blog as it's always filled with gorgeous interiors inspiration from Stockholm and around the world. Tiina has also just recently gotten engaged, so she is busy planning her wedding. If you haven't seen Tiina's blog yet, I definitely recommend you visit!


Sweet Rachel asked me to write down 5 lovely things I couldn't live without... What a fun thing to do! Ofcourse, I would never want to live without my family and friends, but let's see what else is important to me...

{one} Perfume - I really love good scents, and would actually never leave my home without a hint of perfume on me. It's a vanity I have, that and having my nails manicured. I'm totally in love with MaxMara's Le Perfume!

{two} Cushions - I love being at home, and my home must be cozy and beautiful. I love my collection of cushions! Most of them are my own DIY's, and I do change cushion covers a lot. Since it's winter now, I'm really into warm faux furs in earthy colors.

{three} Eight Hour Cream - I would never leave home without Eight Hour Cream in my bag! I use it for lips, hands during nights, sun burns during holidays, eye brows... it's just divine! My lovely man is also getting to like the... scent.

{four} Bayswater - I also have a slight addiction for fancy handbags... This lovely classic is my absolute favorite.

{five} Dark Chocolate - When ever I feel some something sweet I allow myself a dark chocolate treatment. It's just so divine, and the darker the better too! I can quite easily stay away from candies and cupcakes, but dark chocolate, never!

Thank you Rachel for having me here! I really loved sharing my 5 lovely things I couldn't live without. I wish you all a very lovely day!


So happy to have you here today, thank you Tiina!


  1. Love the list! I am also a big fan of the eight hour cream.

  2. Great list, especially the chocolate—delicious!