Monday, May 16, 2011

5 ways to add flair to your dining room

Wondering how to add a little 'flair' to you dining room? 

1. Add some fabulous and interesting-looking chairs (try the replica Tolix, Ghost Chair, or something Vintage)
2. Be bold with your lighting choice (think patterns, oversized shades)
3. Make a statement with a rug to anchor the table in the room
4. Give your space some depth by adding different textures
5. Experiment with wall colour, or seriously consider wallpaper

Oh and fresh flowers never fail to brighten up any space!

Image credits: Real Living magazine, June 2011


  1. love the combination of colors on first pic

  2. Great post!! I LOVE those yellow chairs! :)
    xxoo, ashley {a little dash of ash}

  3. The shades in that second photo are divine!!

  4. Fabulous tips, my dear! I'm a huge fan of fresh flowers. Looking at some right now as I type :) xoxo

  5. Spot on...and I'm a huge fan of the flowers...they just always make my day looking at their lovely colors (c: i think I am needing some for this dreary monday....

  6. Love your inspiration Rachael!
    And Woah, I am so stylish! I just put up photos of my new chairs like the yellow ones today on my blog! But ours are a lovely gray and black! xox!

  7. These are fabulous! I love the pretty ghost chairs! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  8. Great tips and gorgeous images!!