Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello & Highlights from Melbourne

Hello friends! Apologies for my long absence, but after our whirlwind trip to Melbourne I officially started a new job which has meant lots of hours and sadly no time for blogging.
But I do have a few pics of our Melbourne trip to share with you...
{lots of fresh fruit & vegetables at the Prahan markets}

{homemade Jam store at Prahan markets}

{delicious cupcakes at Prahan markets}

{an incredible selection of gourmet dips at Prahan markets}

Because we went over Easter, a lot was closed but there were still  plenty of stores open to enjoy. Sadly Fenton & Fenton was closed, but we did get to enjoy their lovely window displays!

{fenton & fenton, high street melbourne}

{fenton & fenton window display}

{fenton & fenton window display}

The highlights? We had an incredible degustation dinner out with our good friends at Ezard; exploring the Prahan markets and falling in love with Chapel Street Bazaar. All in all a fantastic holiday! 

While I was gone I noticed I had a few new followers join, so welcome!

Do you have anything special planned for Mother's Day tomorrow? We are having both mine and M's family over to our house so I will be busy baking in preparation to spoil our mum's. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

{all photography by me}


  1. wow,so cute cupcakes..and must be so tasty

  2. I just joined your site this evening! Our families are on the East Coast and we are in Colorado, so we will be spending most of the day calling our mothers and grandmothers lol

  3. What a gorgeous shop! I'm loving that antique kid's bike and gray chairs! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  4. what do you mean you officially started a new job?? where are you???

  5. Love the bunting at the farmers market! Thanks for sharing your snaps with us and welcome back!

  6. Welcome back Rachel! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday :))

    Love the fenton & fenton window display and the markets look great too...thanks for sharing

  7. i think market visits might be one of my favorite things... ever!! so interesting, yummy, and give you the best look at a local culture. we have an amazing one here in london, borough market, and i'm obsessed!

  8. Looks like a fabulous trip! Welcome home :)

  9. Ha! Loving the window display with the little skunk...surpisingly adorable! (c: Welcome back my dear, we have missed you! It is always hard to start up a new job, hope it is going well!

    P.S. Those cupcakes look *amazing*...