Saturday, May 14, 2011

A week of lovelies

Hello my dears, so nice to see that blogger has finally decided to work! I thought I had lost one post but thankfully it then reappeared but all of the comments were missing. Did anyone else lose their posts completely?

I thought I would share a few lovelies with you that have caught my eye this week - enjoy, and have a brilliant weekend friends!


A cosy library; perfect for curling up with a good book.


I love this beautiful illustration of such a chic workspace.


Alexa looks fabulous as ever on the June issue of UK Vogue. 
Such a perfect cover for Spring!

Such pretty wrapping and ribbons; I would be thrilled to receive a present wrapped so beautifully!

I couldn't resist these gorgeous blooms!


  1. Love all your lovelies :))

    I didn't loose any of my posts but some comments disappeared and then reappeared...I's been confusing!...

  2. Stupid, stupid blogger! It had me *SO* frustrated! And yes, I lost all my comments, too, but I didn't lose any posts...but oh my ALEXA!! She looks stunning! And I'm thinking I want to curl up in that library...maybe all weekend...(c: Enjoy yours, dearie!

  3. Blogger was so frustating!! I lost a re-appeared, and then I lost it again and the comments too. I ended up reposting it.
    Great images...the illustration is perfect.
    Happy Weekending,

  4. I lost all my comments but thankfully I have them in email. I should repost them in. I love all of your lovelies! The library and wrapping is to die for!

  5. I adore that illustration! Super cute!

  6. Those blooms are gorgeous!

    p.s blogger going down was sooo annoying!

    Have a lovely week! xo

  7. Stoopid Blogger! I had a full adult-sized tantrum with it. Not a pretty sight. Gorgeous images! I could see myself curled up with a good book on that sofa in the first image!