Monday, May 30, 2011

Keeping cosy



Happy Monday lovelies!

Sydney received an incredible down pour of rain today and I got completely drenched on the way home from work. Tonight I'm all rugged up trying to keep warm and working out my wet weather outfits for the next few days!

It's definitely a challenge being stylish as well as practical in the rain, but there are a few key essentials to achieve this look:

* a stylish umbrella
* gum boots
* trench coat

I hope your week is off to a good start and do keep dry if you are caught up in this weather!

Rachel xo


  1. That first room is a amazing- the floor and the Persian rug together are so fabulous. Loving your wet weather pics- we've had rain this whole month and finally see some sun today- thank goodness!! Have a great week sweetie:)

  2. We had a gigantic downpour last night so I can definitely relate!! Here's to keeping cozy! xo

  3. With those wet weather essentials you would definitely look stylish on rainy days. The first room is so cozy and intimate: so inviting to spend a rainy day indoors. :)Ada

  4. Love the drum used as side great is that?
    Yes it's cold and wet :(
    Keep warm xo

  5. Great picks - I definitely need something pretty to get me out of bed and into this weather of late!

  6. beautiful second photo!

  7. Goodness me you have a lovely blog! I just discovered you and I'll be following from now on! Would be lovely if you popped by my blog sometime.

    Andrea x

  8. I love both of these rooms...I adore painted white brick and floors too. Love your wet weather in CA we don't get nearly enough rain, but being from the northeast, I'm ready with my Hunter boots, trench and umbrella...problem is that you dress this way and by noon it's hot and sunny...completely annoying! What I wouldn't do for a week of rain!

  9. Wow I'm so smitten with that first space! It's gorgeous. And I love all of your wet weather gear. At least you'll look fabulous in the rain :) xoxo